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Don Alessi's Meltdown Training, or Coach Davies' Fat to Fire.

Chances are you probably get this question alot… What did you guys have more success on for preserving muscle mass, and while loosing weight… Don Alessi’s Meltdown Training, or Coach Davies’ Fat to Fire…

I’ve Basically been doing IAN king workouts with good success for over a year, and now Im giving GVT a shot, almost done that program.

Im 19, around 15% body fat, fallowing John ALL jon beridies (Sp?), recomendations, and my nuitrition is in my opinion AWESOME… Im just wondering what would you say, would be the best idea…?

Thanks in advance.

Check out back-to-back “cycles” of meltdown and meltdown II. I have dropped just about 5% body fat, while putting on approximately 13 pounds of lean mass CONCURRENTLY in just 4 weeks (I began Meltdown I again yesterday and plan for a complete second cycle). I have however been using Alessi’s dietary suggestions from Iron Dog a about 6 weeks back. I used Berardi’s suggestions for the entire first half of the year prior to this point but am still an advocate that your body stagnates while following one idealogy for too long (and I do thing there is a too long). Hence my switch. I do believe that ketogenics still have merit if trimming bodyfat is the ideal. I will use them while trimming and massive eating while bulking. Berardi’s plan gained me 27 pounds of LBM earlier in the year. Come time to shed the fat, the Don’t Diet calculations came to a hault after some time and I know Jon thinks they’ll work if you consistently recalculate. I recalculated the damn thing every three days and even became so familiar with the formulas, I could spit them off in my sleep. IT DOES HAVE ITS UPPER LIMIT AS TO HOW LONG IT WORKS. To me, that is the best advice I can offer. I started the Meltdown’s at about 12% body fat and for the first time in my life now sit at 7% (perhaps a little less too) as we speak. While I am not 100% familiar with Fat-to-Fire results, I can guarantee if you follow all the rules to 100% efficacy, you will succeed with Meltdown. Go for it. Coincidentally, I finished a round of GVT2000 just 3 weeks prior to beginning the MELTDOWNS, but used it to put on some mass with more of massive eating rules.