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Don Alessi is Evil

Don is the most evil man ever, but thank god for the man. Just started Meltdown today, I fucking almost puked. Everybody in the locker room just stared at me. Does it get any better than this?

yes, it does. Four weeks from now you’ll be puking with 10 - 15lbs less body fat. :slight_smile:

i did the t-dawg diet with meltdown training… in 8 weeks i think my bodyfat increased, and i lost 5 lbs of muslce

I gained a couple of pounds of lean while dropping a bunch of fat. Gotta love this program! Sorry it didn’t work as well for you ryan.

You might want to put squats and deads on different days; got rid of the nausea for me.


Yeah, it kicked my ass too. I lost 6 pounds of fat and stayed the same LBM. This work out isn’t for wimps. I’m tempted to try it while on my next Fat Fast. I’ll have to remember where all of the trash cans are.

well in the first 17 days, i dropped around 10lbs of fat…then after that it was just muscle…
i was very angry because the workout is brutal, meltdown 1 is worse though

I am on my third week and only lost 2% bf and half my strength( had to drop my work out weight to finnish the sets. low carbs are killin me. any suggestions?

Btw I am 5’8" 200 lbs and 30%bf( according to my scale)

any help thanks

You obviously aren’t handling it well. Check out my article at www.testosterone.net/articles/214rip.html for a program that I think will be more suited to you and your diet. Also, disregard the Q regarding body fat cut offs; the increased muscle tone will only be visible when you get leaner, but the program is great for ANYONE, esp. if you don’t do well on lactic acid/GH programs like meltdown.


You obviously stayed on the program too long. Alessi recommends a maximum of six weeks, but Forum feedback seems to indicate that three or maybe four weeks is the cut-off point for maintaining gains. Still, you learned something, right? So it’s all good…

Would it be a good idea to go on either mag-10 or 4-AD-EC while doing meltdown training?