So if a hardgainer who is 175lbs would eat 4375cal daily
200 cals max would be carbs so down to 4175
A sample solid meal would be 10 ounces of red meat (50g protein), 10 whole eggs ( 70g protein and 60g fat), 10 ounces of nuts (80g fat), 10 ounces of hard cheese (80 g fat)
This approximately equates to about 120 g Class A protein and 220g fat. = 2460 calories. This is just one solid meal

A sample liquid meal would be 4 ounces of heavy cream (45 g fat), two scoops Low Carb Grow! Protein (42g protein), and 1.5 tbs. of flax oil(22g fat)
This equates to about 62g fat 42 protein = 806 cals

So if the 175lb hardgainer followed this advice and went for the minimum 6 meals a day he would be getting in whopping 9800 calories. Surely this cant be right. Unless Dons hardgainers are already 395lbs.

anybody??? is this a misprint or just a badly written artcle

the article says your cals should by 25x body weight.

I think you misread the article.

I think the meals are missing the word “or”. Example, red meat “or” 10 whole eggs. Heavy cream or flax oil. This is more than likely the explanation, otherwise Don Alessi is a fool.

I think there are some mistakes in the article. What exactly is Phase II? But anyway, I think Don meant 10 ounces of red meat is an example of a meal, X numbers of eggs is another example, etc.

I think 25 calories was per pound of LBM, because I recall from Don’s guest forum that he had non-hardgainers bulking on a MUCH smaller caloric surplus.

If he’s not too busy, maybe we should ask Shugs if he can track down these answers?

ive read it and re read it.
if its missing the words or etc, then this may explain it, but even if it does, advising someone to eat 10oz of mixed nuts or 10oz of cheese is class b information IMO.

Who is gonna eat 10 ozs of cheese?

yeah i think there may be some errors in the article. Phase II wasn’t exactly detailed either but i guess its just a basic refeed

i just hope some hardgainers reading this magazine, are not following this advice.

It would be nice to get a response from the writer or T-mag about this!


I want to know what the answer is to this.


For the love of God people. It’s called



Quote: “A sample solid meal would be 10 ounces of red meat, 10 whole eggs, 10 ounces of nuts, 10 ounces of hard cheese.”
These are EXAMPLES of a sample meal. Did Coach finish with “…10 oz nuts AND 10 oz of hard cheese?” If not then it’s either/or. Also, Coach tells you to eat 25 cals/lb bodyweight. How about reasoning just a wee and coming to the conclusion that JUST MAYBE he was actually giving several (yes!) examples?!?

Quote: “A sample liquid meal would be 4 ounces of heavy cream, two scoops Low Carb Grow! protein, and 1.5 tbs. of flax oil.”
Here we see the use of “And”. It means you add ALL of these ingeredients, not just one or the other. Ain’t reading comprehension skills a wonder!

Phase II is the 2 carb days which you alternate with 12 days of phase I - in other words you have two carb-up days every 2 weeks!!! For sure, for sure!
Does Coach go into detail about the carb-ups? No - after all its a Question/Answer Column, and going into more detail isnt warranted. Also, carb-ups have been covered extensively by many authors, including Coach himself. Do yourself a favor and READ previous articles.

I’m sick and tired of illiterate T-maggers burning Coach Alessi for nothing other than a) their close-minded, b) they have no common sense - whatsoever, c) they expect middle of the line ideas.

You dont have to agree with his theories - that’s right! Just give the rest of us a fuckin break if you can’t add 2+2. Here’s another muscle you could manage to work - your brain. Use it.

“who is gonna eat 10 oz of cheese”

Consider this question while you’re at it:

“who is gonna follow a low carb diet for bulking”

Here’s the answer: Poliquin trainees and followers, myself included. Yes, I gained 10 lbs of mass on Poliquin’s advice. Everybody thought Poliquin was a nut. Now many are raging about his theories and how he was right on the money.
How’s Alessi any different? In case ou didnt know, he’s a STRONG Poliquin advocate and agrees with many of his ideas, but that’s besides the point. See, Alessi still looks better and is stronger then most of us on these here boards - and we number on the thousands of posters/vistors everyday. So does Poliquin. You can scream “Genetics!” all you want - I say they use their brains. It does wonders for you.

fire up big guy.
simple question, simple answer.
Don isn’t exactly renown for his proof reading, plus if we thought he was crap we wouldn’t read the article (speaking for the majority)
take a chill pill mate


Take a pill or something…

Diesel, doesn’t Poliquin advocate a greater ratio of protein:fat than Alessi seems to suggest here? Most of Alessi’s diets I’ve seen have lower than 1.5 grams per lb. for non-assisted trainee.

Also, 10 ounces of nuts seems like a lot. According to the USDA database, 10 ounces of mixed nuts without peanuts comes to 48 grams of usable carbs and 1433 calories from fat!

Chris Shugart contacted Alessi and he said this (which I have been given permission to relay here):

“The mistake is that I did not specify that I calculate the 50 g of carbs from fiber and vegetable consumption only. (Not the incidental carbs from the nuts, Grow, ect.) A better way to state this guidline is that the carb max including all carbs = 10% of cals. Also, most hardgainers will drink their calories and not eat them - as their appetites suck.”

Now I’ll admit that I haven’t followed Alessi’s articles to the greatest of my ability, but I’ve been using the search engine to check for this answer and I can’t find it.

What does Alessi recommend post-workout during this bulking phase if there’s no malto? Many of us use surge and that would be a no-no. Any insight?


I’m guessing that it would be along the lines of Poliquin’s recommendations for fatties: normal whey protein intake (.4g/kg LBM) with 40-50 glutamine (and perhaps BCAAs) replacing the carbs.

Thanks Cress