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Doms or strain?

I have just started the Ian King 12 weeks upper body programme (he’ll be hearing from my lawyers!!) and did the bi/back routine 72 hours ago, the problem is that my arms especially left one (weakest) is still sore at the bottom of bicep on inside of elbow. Is it just muscle soreness and I’m just a woos, or could I have strained/injured it? It is tight sore especially when I straighten the arm right out. Opinions welcome. Thanks.

Hard to say… just keep an eye on it. If it hasn’t healed within another few days you might wanna get it checked out. Glad you’re getting some pain out of it at all to be honest. Personally, I’m not feeling a damn thing, and I’m into my 4th week… [shrug]

The arms came right it was only DOMS - thats good. Means I must be an even bigger sook than I thought - thats bad. Guess I’m ready to do it again tomorrow - thats good, or is it??

Chances are you’ve got some inflammation on the biceps’ insertion point. Try stretching lightly then icing. I’ve had this before, usually when switching programs and putting a brutal stress on the biceps. Remember the first time you ever did Barbell curls? I bet that’s what this feels like. Stretch, Ice, Rest. if it keeps up, get it checked out to be on the safe side. Good luck.