DOMS in Legs and Sitting

Well, this thread is exactly what it looks to be.
I train legs twice a week and this gives me 4 out of 7 days of decent DOMS in my quads, hamstrings and ass.

I’m a student and this involves lots of sitting, lets say 10 hours a day.

I was thinking that this could sitting hold back muscle recovery in my butt. Am I right or am I just too worried?

er no way.

i get doms on my ass too and sitting never made it recover slower.

btw if you get so much doms maybe its from lack of protein or sleep. i dont get all that doms unless its been weeks since i last trained something

Lack of protein can’t be a problem, I get in around 240g daily(I’m 167 with bodyfat around 10%).

Lack of sleep might be a problem. I’ve been sleeping 7 - 7 and a half hours lately. I’m going to sleep earlier and get at least 8 hours of good sleep every night.

What I meant is that blood flow is reduced in certain areas when you are sitting, and I was thinking that this might lead to not ideal recovery.

nah i doubt it. try sleeping as much as you want, rather than till you want to pee, or till your alarm clock rings, thats usually how much you should sleep. if its 10 hours and you sleep 7, and since i think the first 2 are light sleep, then you are ridding yourself of 3/8 hours of regenerating muscles. personally i get in 10 hours easily, so it could be sleep… thats what ive found true myself. others may have experienced different