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Unavoidably have a leg workout this week too close to a rugby game, last one left me very sore in quads, hamstrings, glutes for at least three days. Any suggestions on ways to lessen this through recovery aids? Do contrast showers help with DOMS, or is that only for your nervous system? BCAAs? Have some but have never taken them before. Anything else?


All that stuff helps. In the grand scheme of things missing 1 leg day wont mean a damn bit of different 10 years from now if you hit 90% of the other ones.

If it means the difference between playing well in the rugby game and being unable to play (I've been THAT sore before), I would just skip the leg workout.

Maybe just work up to a 1rm on squats. It will challenge you and leave you with no DOMS for the most part.

If you must do the leg day, double down on the Surge or a some kind of PWO drink, and consume a ton of BCAA throughout the day (upwards of 30-50).

But like I said, if you get as sore as I get sometimes, I would either take it very easy or just skip it all together. Rugby should be a good leg workout with all the sprinting anyway.


Training legs to the point of intense fatigue and DOMS is definitely no reccommend for an in season athlete by any coach worth his salt, so the first piece of advice has to be: modify your program. Not willing or able to do that? Drink half a serving of Surge right before your work out (10 mins) and sip the rest--one small mouthful; not more or it'll upset your stomach--every other set or so during the work out. After the work out drink another full serving of Surge. You'll be amazed how much less the DOMS is.


Glutamine helps as well.


Cut back your workout. This has to be the end of the season for you. Give your teammates your all.


No, I'm in England until August, so only about a third of the way into our season here.

Ended up getting a double session in a day earlier, and took 4 grams of BCAAs during and after each workout. Had a bad day scrummaging, but it wasn't because my legs were sore, BCAAs made a big difference. Thanks guys for the help on this thread.


Ribose helps, too.


Epsom's Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) in a warm bath is the fastest and most effective way to lesson the pain and increase your mobility from DOMS.


Glutamin and BCAA are supposed to speed recovery. I find ice after a workout will help keep the swelling down, which seems to help reduce soreness later. Stretching before, during, and after the workout also helps. I also will do some light work with very sore muscles to warm them up and get some blood into them. Heat is good to relieve DOMS after it has already set in.