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DOMS from Deadlifting


Is it just me or does anyone else get a majorly tight and stiff lower back from deadlifting? My form if I say so myself is pretty good, but no matter how much or little I lift the next day Im in pain (not bad pain as thought I've wrecked myself) and find any other leg movements for the next couple of days pretty much impossible?

Any ideas for this?


Foam rolling, and hot tubs help, but if you'll still probably be stiff.


I usually do. I attribute it to the pump. It just feels odd to get it in your lower back compared to biceps or chest or something. I personally like the feeling a lot, it just takes some getting used to.


Maybe tight quadratus lumborum... BBB had a few posts about this, read them.



drink lots of water the day before, day of...hell every day (with my avatar i had to mention that)

same goes with food. most people that are in a surplus won't get as sore as those in a deficit.

i agree with the others who suggest foam rolling before and after.

and a hot tub helps with lots of things :smiley:


Do you feel deads in your glutes while your doing them?


Yeah i feel it in the glutes at the bewginning of the pull and at the end! Foam rolling the next day nearly has me in tears! I always feel like my back needs cracked after!


ding ding ding...I bet he says all hams and lower back.

damn it...posts take sooo long to show, nevermind his glutes work


It sounds like its just the way deads hit you. My only other guess would be that your eccentric is relatively controlled, and/or you use pretty high volume with deads.


thsnks for the replies.

Ucallthatbass, im not sure quite what you mean, ding ding i bet he says hams and back, am I doing something wrong?


He was saying that you probably would respond that you didnt feel deads in your glutes, indicating a problem with glute mobility and or activation, but he posted that before your response it just showed up after.


You've got a weak back, thats why it hurts the next day, I have the same thing, once your back gets stronger it will ease off.


I have a long spine, proportional to my legs, so I have the same issue; I solved the pain issue by doing just as much ab work as I do deadlifting/lower back work. Make sure you work your abs the same session, and you'll watch the pain and tightness melt away.


Hmmmm.... does anyone feel tightness and stiffness in their quads after squatting? Or in their chest after benching? And ideas on how to correct this???


This is why I didn't mind my hiatus from ths forum.

How's it going Hanley?


Box squats and speed bench w/ bands, chains and more bands. :wink:


It's needed from time to time to cleanse the soul.

Things aren't bad.... down to 100kg now, gave up on being a fat bastard. Managed to squat 220kg in just a belt quite comfortably last week... have been doing box squats with a fair bit of band tension and they seem to be really helping.

Everything else is pretty much same as due to the weight loss, but I'm pushing my deadlift hard now and am on course to hit a 2x bodyweight bench this weekend at a bench comp.

How YOU doing?


I've always gone with the cold shower on heavy days.


DOMS is normal if you're not used to what you're doing. PAIN on the other may be something that is very "chiropractic".



Your sarcasm has not gone unoticed! But its an altogher different level of soreness constantly from deadlifting, whereas to get this level of DOMS from legs or chest would usualy require a come back after a lay off or new type of training!