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DOMS For 2 Weeks ?


Okay so i have a question u guys might be able to help me whit..

I have been training on and off for about 10 years now.. Never anything seriouse just for fun and whit some friends...

But ive had a looooong breake from anything training relatet for about 2 years now.. And i decidet to start whit some bodyweight squats and some pull-ups at home to get back into it

And i wantet to start slow so i didn get to much DOMS.. So i did (Read) 10 bodyweight squats and 4 pull-ups.. And i could feel the squats immedetly after the 8 rep.. And the next day and the day after i couldn get out of bed due to DOMS and the intense pain is still there and its now 14 days after.. I know im out of shape and all that.. But DOMS for 14 days after 10 bodyweight squats..??? I eat 3 meals each day.. For the most part healthy food.. I get my multivitamin and my fish oil everyday.. Me and my wife have 4 horses that we take care of every day.. Its a hard job so its weird. That it dosent give me DOMS in some way? Im 28 years and around 220 pounds and 6 feet so im a big guy.. But Still 14 days of intens DOMS for 10 bodyweight squats..???

Got any suggestions..?

Gratz Casper

Sorry for my shitty english :slightly_smiling:


This doesn't sound like DOMS to me. For one, even a total noob would hardly get DOMS from 10 bodyweight squats, at all, let alone intense. Two, I've never heard of DOMS past 3-4 days. Three, if you can't get out of bed, you are either being a huge vag, or it's not DOMS.


Then i have no freaking idea what it is. .:confused:


To be fair I just had a 5 day DOMS session and believe me it was painful. Felt like someone had stabbed my hamstrings with a fork.

I had done 11 sets of squats though.


Yea.. I have a feeling that im just damn out of shape that it makes god cry blood just thinking about it.. Better shape up fast to do get a better life.. Guess this was a wake up call :o


Here's an idea, stop taking extended breaks. You don't have to be ultra competitive in powerlifting (not to mention this is the powerlifting forum - do you actually even powerlift?) and always get up on the platform every year but at least train consistently. Otherwise your vag flaps can be heard going swoosh swoosh swoosh in the wind.


Heres and idea :stuck_out_tongue: Stop answering topics if all u wonna do is being a prick and acting all cool on the inter webs :slight_smile:


He has a point my Danish friend

Harden the fuck up and squat your face off :slightly_smiling:


He might have if your life is lifting weights and what not.. But im not a hardcore gym rat.. And ill take breakse when ever i feel like it :slightly_smiling: And for as long as i want :smiley: And sure he might have a point.. But im not gonna listen to it when all he really wants is to be prick and act all epic and what not :slightly_smiling: Theres a grown up way to tell ppl something and then there his way :slightly_smiling:


Yawn are you still here bumping your gums?

Go and squat ffs


Let me think... Ehhhhmmm no :slightly_smiling:

But u can go squat ffs how about it :slightly_smiling:


I've had DOMS as long as a week from good mornings. The thing I find about muscle soreness though is the more you sit around the longer the soreness will sit with you. So if you're being a bitch and hardly moving about at all it's going to take muscles a lot longer to recover. Get up and walk around, foam roll, do some light stretching and start exercising again.


Here I will end this...

Fuck you wannabewhateverthehellyournameis.




Just pull out your tampon and get back in the gym


Your life doesn't have to be lifting weights to want to be in shape. Far from it. And sometimes, you need a swift kick to the ass, and need to be told in that manner, than having your hand held all the time. You're on a site, in a part of the forum, that strives for lifting as much weight as possible. Had you posted in the beginners section you might have had a slightly more positive response, and even then they'd of still you to grow a sack. Even had you posted in the women's forum here, where they have legitimate vag's, you'd of simply been told the same thing. If you want your hand held, and someone to tell you it's alright, go to some other site like mens fitness. If you want to look good naked, lift strong shit, and epitomize being a strong, confident, Alpha Male, then read up, man the fuck up, and squat....with some weight on your back.



Well said. Something on me is constantly hurting. Past week, every time without fail, standing up has been a process as my back refuses to straighten out in one motion. Just part o' the game.

Dust that sand out of your vag and train.


Couldn't agree more Ghost16.

I blame my week long DOMS nightmare on a marathon Skyrim session that I embarked on right about the same time. Only started getting better when I started back at work after the christmas holidays.


If that is your attitude you just need to leave this site. Nobody here can help you.


Go seed a doctor . You might have hurt yourself. Or you're just incredibly out of shape and a huge pussy.