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DOMS After Long Lay Off

I’m coming back from an injury thats kept me out of lifting for 6 months. Saturday I went very light and my arms are very sore. I’m not looking foward to my abs, legs, back, chest, and lats being sore for the next 2 weeks. Seeing how my legs will so sore I won’t be able to walk, does anyone think I should go through all those muscle groups each lifting session and be sore all over my body at once. Then when the soreness goes switch to one bodypart per week. When I work the legs I won’t be moving out of the chair so why not be sore all at once instead of suffering for 2 weeks.

Don’t get me wrong I like muscle soreness, but when your in the spot I’m in, it’s not very fun at the start. Does glutamine or creatine help with the soreness (or anything else for that matter)?

I have 8 tubs of Grow! and some Countdown in my cupboard so my protein and pwo needs will be met.

Any help will be great.

If a muscle isn’t sore, you can definately work it. Design a routine tailored to each your muscle recovery rate. I personally can only hit my Quads and Hams every 5 days. However, concerning my Chest and Biceps, I can hit them every 3-4 days. Let’s not even talk about CALVES ahahahaha…I’ll shut up.

Time to swallow your pride. Just do some basic compound moves with light weight and low reps. Don’t push yourself for a couple weeks as DOMS does nothing for you physically. Also, EFA’s tend to help DOMS.

The soreness isn’t totally avoidable, but you should be able to reduce it by decreasing your exercise volume and intensity for the first few weeks.

Think of training to get back into the swing of things instead of training hard for the first week or two. Maybe consider doing only two or three moderate sets per muscle group.

If you’re planning on being in the iron game for a long time taking two weeks to adjust is nothing. There’ll be plenty of time to get huge later.

Fish oils will help with DOMS, but they’ll take a while (about a couple weeks to be incorporated into membranes) to have an effect.

By the way, the first workout back after six months and you train arms? WTF?

I find that Surge and contrast showers work well for me. Also do an adequate warm up to get blood flowing to the muscles.