DOMS + Adequate Nutrition - Hormonal Imbalance = Hypertrophy?

I have been working out for at least 10 months. Each and every workout I push it about as far as I can go. I have DOMS in every location I ‘should’ the following day or two. I pump protein, but overall given my workouts are 5am, my periworkout nutrition is awful.

That aside, I had good early gains, but things have plateaued. That is OK, however, I am still having significant DOMS for EVERY workout. I don’t seem to be getting much growth, at least as much as I would suspect given the ‘soreness’ I feel with the workouts. I completely recuperate before my next workout of that bodypart, so I don’t think OVERTRAINING is the cause.

Any ideas?

I know my periworkout nutrition needs to be better, and I just ordered Anaconda protocol and will see if I can manipulate it around my schedule. (This is going to be difficult with a 4:30 wakeup and 5am gym. But I will surely be better than I am now, which includes fasting workout followed by a 100g protein PWO shake. I eat about 250g protein every day.

I guess I would think I would be having more results still, given how damn sore I am afterwards. BTW I don’t have any hormonal issues.

First, DOMS is usually correlated with improvements, but it is not the end all be all marker of muscle growth. Many people who have incorporated CT’s peri-workout nutrition are having more gains with less DOMS. This leads me to believe that DOMS is more-so a discrepancy between work capacity and nutritional intervention during said work.

That being said, just have SOMETHING before heading to the gym, doing a fasting workout just reeks of DOMS and no gains. You may think you are training hard, but the amount of effort you’re putting in a fasted workout pales in comparison to what you can achieve in a fed state.

I would recommend Surge Recovery for this, fast acting, won’t really make you throw up. Also Waxy Maize starch has a good reputation for not really upsetting the stomach, so that can be shoved down your throat as you walk into the gym and even on leg day you wouldn’t hurl.

Since you said you ordered the Anaconda protocol, even though I am cautious that you are ordering such an expensive protocol when your peri-workout nutrition isn’t nailed down (Isn’t even placed correctly actually), all I can say is FOLLOW THE PROTOCOL, if you have to train later (or arrive 15 min later whilst cutting down on the workout length) or even wake up earlier in order to follow the protocol, DO IT. Wake up and shove that Alpha-GPC in your face before you realize you’re awake, then follow the rest to a T, no deviation.

Finally, I will add the obligatory ‘eat a lot’, ‘get proper sleep’, and that you misspelled ‘awful’.

Are you gaining bodyweight with this diet?

Are you moving up in weight on your exercises?

These would be the two most important things to ask yourself; “peri-workout nutrition” and “DOMS” are not nearly as important.

Silver… thanks for the advice… I have come essentially to the conclusion that it MUST be my nutrition status which is holding me back. I know I am probably not working as hard as I could in a fed state, but regardless, the intensity of the DOMS I have is telling me I am ‘tearing’ things up sufficiently that SOMETHING should be happening.

My nutrition is the most likely cause I suspect. Perhaps I am merely catabolic in areas I have recuperated, in an effort to ‘fix’ the just worked groups. I have been thinking that the amount of protein I take in during the rest of the day would ‘make up’ for the deficit. I think I am proving this not to be the case.

MP… I have NOT been gaining and while my weights are going up VERY SLOWLY, once again, they don’t seem to be moving in ratio to the amount of soreness I am feeling.

Before, when I lifted in my 20s (now 41) I had a single day of DOMS 2 days after my workout. Now I am next day, and can tell exactly the exercises which were working which muscles. I LIKE the feeling… well not today because I did heavy squats on Wed and can still feel it. But typically I like the feeling because it makes me believe that I am not wasting my time getting up and out that early. However, when I look for results, I am just not seeing them it seems.

Perhaps I am just moving the same muscle around my body from recuperated location to injured location.

And Silver… on the misspell… as my Grandpa always told me, “If that’s the worst thing I do today… the world got off lucky.” … heh

um, how much do you weigh and how much protein are you getting a day? and how much fat?

You just aren’t eating enough food.

Once you’re eating enough calories to gain 3-5lbs of bodyweight each month, you will find that these problems magically go away.