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Dom's 5/3/1 Log - Just Trying to be a Freak


Hey everyone,

I'm "Dom" and I'm a powerlifter/former Div. 1 college football player. I decided to make a log because I'm bored, and I'm just trying 5/3/1 for the first time. I'm about 6'1, 230 lbs., trying to shed some bodyfat, get stronger, and look and feel better.

I played 4 years of Div. 1 football, as a OLB/DE hybrid and a TE (2 years each.) I took some time off to work, f-ed around in the gym, and after enrolling in a grad school program 2 years ago, I've started to powerlift and try to get to a new level of strength.

I competed in equipment up until last April, with number of 635/455/585. I haven't competed or maxed raw in a long time, but the numbers I use are 515/410/535. I'm hoping to make a major leap forward over the next calendar year, and hopefully be competitive as a raw powerlifter/overall badass.

I started 5/3/1 two weeks ago, so yall are lucky enough to get the 1's week. I'm planning to do every other deload, so it will be a little more exciting for yall. This month, I choose to do the bodybuilder accessory work that Wendler outlined in Men's Fitness, with a few subs to keep me interested.

I'm also following a Modified Warrior Diet program, designed by Michael Keck, so hopefully I can keep yall informed on that too. I'll update as often as possible, and maybe include some pics for yall.


Week 3 (1's) Day 1 - Military Press

5 x 85
5 x 105
3 x 125
5 x 155
3 x 175
1+ x 195 (I hit 3 without breaking form.)

Barbell Upright Row - 4 x 10.
105 (the last few burned like a mofo.)

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 4 x 12
2 plates and a 10 on each side. I know, I know, Hammer Strength is lame, but it helps me overload the weight and just get a nice pump in each shoulder without worrying about my already tired shoulders losing a heavy DB.

Bentover DB Raise 4 x 15
I take these light and do them strict, with 10 lb. DB's. I bend over, touch my forehead to an inclined bench and keep myself from bouncing.

Arms: I rarely do a ton of biceps work, but after seeing Clay Matthews on the cover of this month's M&F, I felt bad about myself and decided to hit a little extra today.

Cable Curl: 160-85 lbs. on a 12-12 dropset
3 sets.

Preacher Curl: 3 x 12 at 85 lbs.

Run the Rack Hammer Curls: 50's to 15's x 5 each.


I'll be following, nice numbers in that first post there, this should be fun to watch.

If you don't mind, where did you play? You appear to be in SEC country, but I'm also in Big 10 country and have no affiliations here. :slight_smile:

Also, sorry with the continued football questions (sports nerd,) did you play in a 3-4 or 4-3 inspired defense?


I actually played in the Ivy League, and I headed to SEC country for grad school. I played in a 3-4 scheme. It was kind of fun, but I'm a 4-3 guy at heart.


My arms are sore as hell today. Definitely need to try that workout again.


I realize that nobody is following what I'm doing yet, but I figured I'd post just for shits and giggles. Maybe I can meet some people here and make some friends and subscribers without being a creepy old man on SAMA? Anyway...

Today was an off day for me. Lots of studying, and some football. Here's what I ate:

Woke up at 11AM (oops...)

1 scoop of whey
1 TBSP of natural chunky peanut butter (JIF is the best, by far.)

1 scoop of whey
10 almonds

Overfeed starting at 7:30:
3 Pieces of Ezekiel Bread
8 oz. of ground beef with low sodium taco seasoning (amazing.)

Before I go to bed tonight:
8 oz. of tilapia
8 oz. of chicken
One large, green apple
1/2 of oatmeal w/ 1 TSP of Extra virgin coconut oil
2 TSP of olive oil
2 scoops of whey
Biotest Superfood (acquired from a friend, not bad...)

Tomorrow, I'll be doing some serious cardio in the AM, then deadlifts in the PM. Weight was a nice 229 this morning.