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Dominick Duche R.I.P.

I just wanted to pass along some sad news concerning a bodybuilding legend from the Detroit area. Dominick Duche passed away on Friday, March 5 at home with his family. This was a result of a brief, but intense illness.

Those of you who knew Dom, know that he was simply a Prince of a gentleman and a more 'stand-up" guy would be hard to find in this day-and-age. Even with all the titles he held, he was never a blowhard or a braggart…he was just a guy who would stop his workout at the drop of a hat to give you a spot or answer a training question. He held about 40 titles, but the most notable were:

Mr. Michigan - 1966
Mr. U.S.A. 50+ - 1995
Mr. America 60+ - 1998
National Champion, Master Men 60+ - 2000
Mr. Universe 60+ - 2003

The pleasure was all mine Dominick. May God bless you.


What illness did he die from, and how old of a gentleman was he?

Sounds like a helluva a guy,Tenman.

Dominick died of a very agressive form of cancer called adenocarcinoma. He died about 5 weeks after it was discovered. The Dr.'s figured he had it for over a year before they discovered it…which means he won the Mr. Universe 60+ title while the illness was taking over his body. He was 65 years old at the time of his death.

BTW…he was a natural BB who never used steroids. His competitions were with a lesser known natural BB organization. I wanted to point this out cause I’m already hearing (at my gym) that, “it musta been the steriods.”