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dominant side

i am under the impression that most people have a dominant side of their body. while both my arms and legs are within .25" of eachother and are equally strong, i am many times more coordinated with the left side of my body.

for example, i can only wiggle my left ear voluntarily, and i can only flex my left calf while i sit here and type. also, my left side has a bit more tone to it; you can clearly see the separations between the delts, traps and lats while standing relaxed, but on the right side they all run together.

what is wrong with me? anyone else have this?

What’s wrong with you? Bodybuilding paranoia maybe? Dude, you need to relax. Everyone’s got a dominant side. Naturally, if you’re left handed you’re left side will probably be stronger, more toned, and more mobile than your right. Since you use it more, it’s going to perform better and get stronger. Plus, you lifting affects dominant sides as well. I’ve noticed that when I do single-arm movements (like DB rows), I always start with my dominant hand. I never thought about it until I noticed the right side of my back is larger than the left. My advice is to switch the single-arm order: start with your nondominant side first. As for the ear thing and your calf, everyone’s wired a bit differently in the neurological department. So long as it’s not interfering with your life, don’t worry about it.

I’m right side dominant and my left side is more flexible than my right. I can flex my left bicep with more force than I can with my throwing/shooting right arm. When I do hamstring stretches my left leg is more flexible than my right. My right leg is my push off leg in all of the sports I play. So even though I’m working them with the same weight when I do lifting movements the right leg will always be stronger or ahead of the left because its always getting more of a workout than my left leg. For the difference in flexibility, I’m guessing, has to do with muscle density. Is there anybody out there that can support this hypothesis? So I believe, even though they are pretty close in strength, my right leg has more muscle density which attributes to it being slightly less flexible. So for me my strong side, which is my right, is the least flexible side.

I am right handed. my right arm side is stronger, a lot stronger. But my left bicep has more of a peak to it, and it seems my left side has a slightly more shape.

sometimes i think my right nut is a little larger than my left one. sometimes, i think the opposite. i don’t really know to be honest, but i figure i was getting a little obsessive about it when i started bringing measuring tape to work and getting out a few quick measurements before lunch.

my point…

everyone has a dominant side (even those ambidextrous ones) and generally that side will have better power, strength, flexibility, and even appearance (although this opposite with my biceps). if you have strength imbalances to even out, use the weaker (usually non-dominant) side first and only work your dominant side with the same number of reps (even if you can do more). alternatively, increase the load on your weaker side and match in reps what your stronger side could do with a lighter weight. in severe cases that are punctuated by injury or by a condition such as scoliosis, best way to balance yourself out is to see someone who can pinpoint your injuries and fix them from there.

well i knew people had a dominant side but i thought the differences between my left and right were more extreme than other people. i just find it odd that i have much more voluntary control over left side muscles.

and big d, my left nut is slightly bigger but my right nut hangs down slightly farther

I’m right hand dominant but i can’t wiggle either ear, what’s wrong with me?