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Domfoo: Progress Log 6/1/09


Hello. I'm am new to weight lifting, I've just started in March of this year so I have been at it for about three months, but my gains have been steady and visible.

Current stats:

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175 pounds

I haven't started a specific diet yet, but I have done a good job of keeping out sugar and drinking water instead of juice or soda. My typical meals are steak/eggs for breakfast. Peanut butter sandwiches between breakfast lunch and dinner. Lunch is usually two turkey or ham sandwiches and dinner is whatever my family makes; which is just about all of the popular Italian dishes from pasta to fish.

The only supplement I'm taking is a 1200 calorie/ 50g protein weight gain I mix with milk twice a day.

1RM Stats

Bench: 210x1
Deadlift: 310
Squat: 230

My goal is to get to 200 pounds lean while gaining as much strength as possible.

I'll post my current pics once I get my GF to snap some.


So I had some set backs but I finally have some pictures to post.

These are some pictures from three weeks ago. Unfortunately I don’t have any before pics. Since I have started I have put on 20 pounds…although I haven’t had any weight gains in the past two weeks. I need to try and re-evaluate my diet a bit.

My lats suck… I do do pullups, lat pulldowns and various rows but its just a slow gain for me.