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Domestic Drone Use


Nanny State Stepping Up Its Game! 1984 Here We Come!


By 2050 These Things Will Be All Over The Fucking Place. Google Earth, Traffic Light Cameras, Drones, Computer Tracking, etc. Goodbye Privacy

Nobody is for this, right?


If you are innocent you have nothing to fear!


so we should all buy the rc planes, put cameras on them and fly them over the cops houses and all politicians everywhere they go, then air the video on youtube.

I mean it is all public, everyone should know everything we do that is not inside our homes.


Wait till they start using air to ground missiles on them. Then you yanks are proper fucked lol


I posted a link a while back about the Houston police department (IIRC) that used drones for "police business".

So yeah, this stuff is indeed already happening.


No wonder gov't education is so shitty, you need human drones to not notice/ignore the potential dangers of technology like this.
First, it's about engaging the enemy, then it becomes about engaging the citizenry. Fucking travesty.


It is only going to get worse.

Defund the fuckers.

Less government, less police.


But, but , who is going to save you from weed, high sodium food and unlicensed cosmetologists?


Don't forget unlicensed florists.


Hey, I remember the tulip wars of ´89.

Thank God, someone reigned them in.


I hope you're being facetious.


There is an itsy bitsy tiny part of me that hopes they arm them with hellfire missiles and dismiss "collateral damage" as cavalierly as they would if the civilians were not American.

Just to see whether some American conservatives would stand to their conviction that it is ok to kill someone, as long as you dont really mean it.


The drones are a bit loud, like you are standing under a really charged up collection of electrical cables.


Do not forget Facebook in your list.


Lol pure win.


Good article to post.

There's no reason for this, hopefully the ACLU that you all hate so much jumps on this asap and helps shoot it (them?) down.

As technology improves, this is something that must have a watchful eye kept on it, lest it get too far out of control.


Keep in mind what this really comes down to- are you going to make it easier to give tickets. And if the question is yes, then it will crash.

"At least one community has already balked at the prospect of unmanned aircraft.

The Houston Police Department considered participating in a pilot program to study the use of drones, including for evacuations, search and rescue, and tactical operations. In the end, it withdrew.

A spokesman for Houston police said the department would not comment on why the program, to have been run in cooperation with the FAA, was aborted in 2007, but traffic tickets might have had something to do with it.

When KPRC-TV in Houston, which is owned by The Washington Post Co., discovered a secret drone air show for dozens of officers at a remote location 70 miles from Houston, police officials were forced to call a hasty news conference to explain their interest in the technology.

A senior officer in Houston then mentioned to reporters that drones might ultimately be used for recording traffic violations.

Federal officials said support for the program crashed."


I hear in some places they do the traffic tickets with helicopters. I tihnk it might have been in Australia, but I'm sure it's elsewhere too.


I chuckled at Orion's comment as well.


For every bit of privacy I have to give up, I expect more and more transparency into the fed, cfl, and other agencies that are basically above the law.