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Domcib's Log

I may use this instead of my indigo log

I start off the session with
Here goes:
DAY 1 - Chest GF + Triceps
DAY 2 - Legs posterior chain dominant
DAY 4 - Shoulders GF
DAY 5 - Legs quads dominant
DAY 6 - Back GF + Biceps

i’m 2 weeks into it now- GPC and Brain Candy make a huge difference
Sleep does too!!
Go to sleep sore. wake up early- i’m still sore, sleep awhile longer— much better

DAY 1 - Chest GF + Triceps
Hammer Bench-MAX GROWTH CLUSTERS – @ 245-- 155

Heavy Work: Bench Press @ 185-- wicked pump
A1 Bench Press, added band resistance 3x 5 rest10 sec.
A2 top half Bench Press 3x 5 rest10 sec.
A3 Then hold the top position, squeezing the pecs for 15-30secs

Complex 1: Press Medley @ 20-30lbs
B1 Incline Dumbbell Press, reversegrip 3x 6-8
B2 Incline Dumbbell Press, normalgrip 3x Max – 5-7
B3 PushUp,elevated feet 3x Max reps 5-7
B4 Dumbbell Press, reversegrip 3x Maxreps 3-6
B5 Dumbbell Press, normalgrip 3x Maxreps 3-6
B6 PushUp 3 Maxreps ---- 3-6
rest 3 min.

Complex 2: Kettlebell Flyes and Presses - dont have kb’s so i use a 10lb plate or 15 lb db
C1 Kettlebell Flye, low 3x 5-7
C2 Kettlebell Flyes, regular 3x 5-7
C3 Kettlebell Press 3x 5-7 rest 90-120 sec.

Complex 3: Squeeze Press & Flye Combo - same as above
D1 Squeeze Press 3 x 5-7
D2 Dumbbell Flye, regular 3x 5-7
D3 Dumbbell Flye, high 3 x 5-7 rest 90-120 sec.

A4. JM press x 6-8 reps @ 95
A5. Lying DB triceps extension x 10-12 reps @40-50
A6. Rope triceps extension x 15-20 reps @50-90
B4. Close-grip bench x 6-8
B5. Floor DB triceps extension (from deadstart on every rep) x 10-12
B6. Close-grip push ups x max reps
3 sets

C2. Machine/pulley triceps extension 8-10 full reps + 8-10 top half reps
3 sets

Bodyweight Finisher
E Dip and/or PushUp 50 - i’m doing 50 assisted dips in sets of 6-10 very low rest

DAY 2-Legs posterior chain dominant


Mechanical Drop set 1 @185
A1-Romanian deadlift
A2-Sumo deadlift
A3-conventional deadlift

Mechanical Drop set @135
B1- Good Morning
B2 - Back Squat

C.1 Lying leg curl extended set: @50
8-10 reps / rest 10 sec / reps to failure (same weight) / drop weight and again 6-8 reps / rest 10 sec /reps to failure (same weight)

D 1-Hip Thrust extended set: or glute ham raise - body weight only
8-10 reps / rest 10 sec / reps to failure (same weight) / drop weight and again 6-8 reps / rest 10 sec /reps to failure (same weight)

hammies sore for days

DAY 4 - Shoulders GF – the longest one

Superset #1 Multi-Press Complex just the bar= torture
The 6 exercises, done without any rest, are:
A. Seated Muscle Snatch (seated to avoid using the lower body) or
Barbell Cuban Press
B. Behind the Neck Press, Snatch Grip (seated)
C. Behind the Neck Press, Clean Grip (seated)
D. Savickas Press (military press seated on the floor with extended legs and no back support)
E. Bradford Press (standing)-
F. Push Press (standing)
The goal is to do 5 reps for each exercise

Superset #2 Dumbbell Press Multi-ROM @20
A. 5 partial reps doing only the bottom half of the movement
B. 5 partial reps doing only the top half of the movement
C. 10 full reps
Do 3 sets with about 90 seconds of rest in-between sets.

Superset #3 Shoulder Circles/Scott Press/Press
A. Shoulder Circles 10 reps front-to-back @2.5 lb plate or 5lb plate
B. Shoulder Circles 10 reps back-to-front
D. Dumbbell Presses 6-8 reps @20
Do 3 sets, resting for about 90 seconds between sets.

Superset #4 Dumbbell Lateral Complex @2.5 lb plate-- shoulders are fried at this point
A. Top-Half Front Raise (from parallel to the floor, to overhead) 4-6 reps
B. Lateral Raise 4-6 reps
C. “Y” Lateral Raise with thumbs up 4-6 reps- HANDS IN FRONT AND UP IN :Y SHAPE
D. Outside-In Raise 4-6 reps- BOTTOM TO TOP OF HEAD- THUMBS UP
Perform 3 sets, 90 seconds in between.

Superset #5 Bus Driver/Front Raise totral death- 25 lb plate and 20 lb bar
A. Bus Driver 6-8 reps per side- PLATE IS STEERING WHEEL IN FRONT OF FACE
B. Front Raise dumbbells about 1-inch inside shoulder-width, 6 reps-THE FOLLOWING CAN BE DONE WITH A BAR
C. Front Raise index finger in line with outside edge of deltoid, 6 reps
D. Front Raise wide grip, 3-4" wider than shoulder width, 6 reps
We’re shooting for 6-8 reps per side for the bus driver exercises and about 6 reps for each of the three grips on the front raise, but really the goal is to fatigue and to pump up the muscles as much as possible. If that goal is accomplished, it doesn’t matter if you did 5 or 10 reps per position.

My shoulders have never been so sore-- never

DAY 5 - Legs quads dominant


B-1-LUNGES - @bar
B-2 ZERCHER @bar
B-3 GOBLET @20
3 SETS OF 5 REPS EACH - cant get 5 reps yet-- im at 4 reps for all 3 sets

Leg extension – i did static stretches in between-- @1 plate per side
C1=8-10 reps feet/legs turned in
C2=8-10 reps neutral
C3=8-10 reps feet/legs turned out
3 sets
at this point- my quads are so fatigued i cannot move

D. Leg press feet high on platform (only heels are on the platform)
3 sets of 12-15 reps with static stretches in between sets.
here is just 1 plate per side and i can barely get the work in

maybe i need more rest-=-- i dont know

Domcib, glad I found your log again. I’ll be following. I’m over on “over 35”.

dunno bout this new system,

i guess this could be a place to post

so at the end of tax season i’ve been doing prep work. 3 days a week of bench, military, squats and cleans. and 3 days of pulls and arms and deads. all for 5x10, then 3 x10.
this week ive done some 3 rms’ to prepare for ct’s program
i’ll start that next week.
i have gotten so fat its unreal. i’m still pretty strong, and have some muscle but FAT.
HA. anyway. time to go to work!

SAT 5/7/16
i will try to post if i can. even last year i trained but didnt post.
Look Like A Bodybuilder Perform Like An Athlete
heres my 3rms
Standing Strict Pr155
Bench Press-200
Back Squat-225
SnatchGrip High Pull from Hang-135
Muscle Snatch from Hang-105
today I did:
Upper Body- Zone 2
Standing Strict Press-6 x 3-105
Push Press=6 x 3-115
Bench Press-6 x 3-155
Back Squat-4 x 3-165

tomorrow i’ll do tuesday, then monday i’ll do monday again and start fresh

ok day 2=
6x3 in zone 2

SnatchGrip High Pull from Hang-95
Muscle Snatch from Hang-85
Deadlift- 160

Loaded carries-
I do these basically every session. I may vary it some, but, it basically goes like this
Overhead Carry- 45ld plate i keep going til i shy of failure
Bear Hug carry- same 45lb plate between my hands, squeezing wheil walking- til i get tired
then i hug the plate and keep going
Farmers Walk 2 45lb plates til something gives
then i drop to a 25lb plate and do basically the same- i keep going back and forth til something gives- either I get tired, or my grip gets tired, or I get bored. If I get bored, it’s usually because I havent used enough weight

monday may 9/2016, day 3
Upper Body- Zone3
Standing Strict Press-5x 3-125
Push Press=5 x 3-135
Bench Press-5 x 3-175
Back Squat-3x 3-175

overhead, bear, bear, farmers justa fast round using 25lb plates today.
This program is tougher than it looks. You gotta be careful not to overdue it on the “lighter days”. It will catch up to you on the heavier days— ha ha.

DAY 4 TUESDAY 5/10/2016 Zone 1
SnatchGrip High Pull from Hang-85
Muscle Snatch from Hang-65
Deadlift- 155

loaded carries
overhead, bear and farmers
today was supposed to be easy-- zone1
it started easy, but didnt finish easy- i got tired

wednesday 5/9/2016, day 5
Upper Body- Zone1
Standing Strict Press8x 3-95
Push Press=8 x 3-105
Bench Press-8 x 3-145
Back Squat-6x 3-155

carries- just 1 quick run

Good to read you’re lifting.

DAY 6 Thursday 5/12/2016
lowwer body Zone 3
SnatchGrip High Pull from Hang-115
Muscle Snatch from Hang-85
Deadlift- 175

loaded carries
overhead, bear and farmers with 25 lb plates
i am tired and stiff
my quads are really stiff–
im goin to ohio next couple days to pick up my kid from school.
guess ill just have some neural charge or something

Good to hear from ya. Yeah, aside from tax season, i never stopped. I just stopped posting. I actually got pretty strong in shoulder press last year, and got bigger. Now, I have kept much of the muscle, but have gotten pretty fat. So, i’m trying to build up my strenth and lose some fat. So far, it’s been ok. I’m trimming down some, my muscles are getting firmer. So, I guess thats a good thing.
I also stopped posting too much when Ct stopped answering my questions. It was kinda funny. I wasnt posting my workouts, but I was training. Anyway, when I asked him some questions, he wouldn’t answer. I began to think it was because he though I wasnt training or something. Whatever. Then we broke each other’s chops with the “Thank you” post. And that was it.
Now, I’m just doing my thing with this program. I like it so far.
Anyhow… gotta run… see ya later

fri 5/13 in ohio moving my kid out, hotel had some db’s so i did a nice session with them uip to 50lbs
sat 5/14- traveling
sun 5/15 did upper body
mon 5/16 lower body
mon 5/16 evening-- felt really fucked up
tues 5/17- on the road-- felt fucked up turned around
tues 5/17 in the er with a mini stroke- TIA- aint that some shit
thurs 5/19 released in the eve
fri 5/20- back to half day of work
sat 5/21
Upper Body- Zone 2
Standing Strict Press-6 x 3-105
Push Press=6 x 3-115
Bench Press-6 x 3-155
Back Squat-4 x 3-165
Loaded carries- 45lb plate
overhead, chest squeeze, bear hug, farmers

lower body day 2
6x3 in zone 2

SnatchGrip High Pull from Hang-100
Muscle Snatch from Hang-95
Deadlift- 165
I increased the weight some
I started timing these sessions. this one was 20 minutes, not including the carries
loaded carries