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Dollar Shave Club

This is my favorite service. One of the only recurring subscriptions I have.

But, I still keep a beard.

That’s actually a really cool idea.

But I also rock a beard. And the bastards don’t ship to Canada anyways.

If I used regular blades they would have just gotten my money with that commercial alone. Well done

If It didn’t take me 6 months to grow a 5 O’clock shadow I would be in for a years supply.

No one shaves their body?

That was awesome, “$19 of which go to roger federer”

[quote]X-Factor wrote:
No one shaves their body?[/quote]

Nope, I handle it like a Lion handles his Mane in the wild.

Great marketing, for a product that most men need to buy. I read that Dorco, the manufacturers of the six and three-blade razors sold by the dollarshaveclub.com, has now decided that it will market directly to the consumer, at least in the States. Here is their website:


and here is their YouTube video:

[quote]X-Factor wrote:
No one shaves their body?[/quote]
What are we? Women?

I shave my balls so they can be sucked on. I also shave my arm because my sleeve looks much better without hair.