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Doing Weighted Vest/Bodyweight Work on Off Days

I’m currently running the below workout

Squat - 5x5 FSL
Bench - 5x5 FSL
Pull Up/Dips/Abs 50 Reps

Deadlift - 5x5 FSL
OHP - 5x5 FSL
Pull Up/Dips/Abs 50 Reps

Bench - 5x5 FSL
Squat - 5x5 FSL
Pull Up/Dips/Abs 50 Reps

I was thinking on the off days doing the below with a weighted vest:
Pull Ups - 50 Reps
Dips - 50 Reps
Vest Squats - 50 Reps

That’s cool to know…are you wondering if this is “okay?”

If it doesn’t affect recovery, there are a lot of things you can do. But you’re setting yourself up to do 50 pull-ups and dips every day, with added weight on 4 days, and I don’t think your shoulders and elbows are going to like it, nor do I think you’re going to get any additional benefit from it. Maybe add the weighted vest to your assistance work on 2/3 of your lifting days, make the 3rd body weight day into 100 bodyweight pull-ups and dips, and focus on conditioning and cardio on your off days?

Just spitballing here. Maybe I’m overestimating the work here and you’ll be fine. As long as you pay attention to recovery and dial it back if necessary, you should be alright either way.

Are you doing the 531 strength work or just FSL? You only have FSL listed.

No one really knows - as mentioned before, that can be a lot of work for your shoulders/elbows and may take a toll on your body. Or maybe not. If you were to use this kind of training, I’d vary the movements (push, pull, legs/core) on your weight vest days.

And I’d also do other movements than these on your lifting days. Meaning, don’t do dips/chins on MTF.

Hi Jim,

two questions please, one regarding your instagram q&a and one regarding the table talk podcast with matt and vincent.

-you mentioned that your kids squat two times per week, one time with the barbell and one time with the DB. On which day of the week your kids barbell squat and on which day of the week they do DB squat and when do you do them the Trap Bar deadlift and upper body day? how does a complete week of their offseason template look like

-in the table talk you said that one of the most important thing is to put on muscle mass if someone is not a powerlifter, regardless if someone is 40 or a young highschool kid. Im in a similar situation where muscle mass is more important than big strength numbers.

What 531 template would you recommend to put on muscle mass when coming after 4 years layoff through sickness (crohns disease). I lost almost 60 pounds and the most important thing is muscle mass. I think BBB ist too taxing to begin with. What template would you recommend (I have all your books so you can suggest one please if you don´t mind) I need help please because I want to start training again!

-last question please. Why you are not on the private forum anymore?

Thank you very much for your valuable time and help and stay healthy!!!
I appreciate every tipp and help

Best regards

You’re going to need serious medical attention before starting any sort of lifting program, my man. And nobody on here can possibly give you the go ahead to do anything without you being much, much heavier.


thanks for responding! My doctor said I should start lifting again to get out of my situation. Right now I´m able to eat properly again and therefore I want to start working out again, but slowly…

I hope Jim can help me out with a recommendation or a template to put on some muscle mass and size

Any template will make you bigger and stronger than you are now. Literally any. If your doc actually told you to lift asap, you should probably very slowly ease into it with nothing too crazy. Look through his books and pick one that looks like something you can handle. OG 5/3/1? Beginner Prep? Triumvirate? And EAT.

Double check with your doctor.

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Should also clarify: do not force feed yourself and attempt to gain 100lbs overnight. Develop healthy eating habits that over a reasonable amount of time have you at a healthy weight, with your emotions, hormones, and finances ready to possibly place a real important on “bulking” or whatever, if that’s your goal.

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If your doctor has cleared you for it, start with body weight movements and a focus on eating enough to gain some weight. At this stage you don’t need to be lifting weights.

Or you could go and see a physio, see what they suggest.