Doing TRT Without AI?

Hey guys, just wanted to know if any of you are taking TRT doses without an AI. I’m currently on 100mg/wk without AI. How’s it working for you?

I’m on 140mg per week without an AI, have been for almost two years. I’m relatively lean, do not take HCG, and my E levels are typically <15.

A very few guys here do not need an AI. Some do not need to use an AI to get the lower E2 levels that most need to do well. One or two simply feel better with higher E2 levels.

It is really about seeking what delivers a higher quality of life. In seeking that, it makes sense to do what almost all guys benefit from.

Is there some reason why you are asking if you can avoid an AI? Doctor or health system issues?

Ksman, my endo claims that most of his patients do quite well with my regimen at his practice (starting 100mg per week of Cyp). Just wanting to hear from any of you guys who are without AI. I would think that if my e2 was elevated at next blood draw, that I could ask for it.

That is the doctor’s view point. His patients are not any different, he simply thinks that higher E2 levels are OK and they are not.

We have a large number of stories here that endo’s are as a group do a terrible job at TRT, so that needs to be kept in mind too.

Your regimen is not stated here.

I am probably in a better position to summarize the situation than any one. But if you can get hundreds of guys to reply in this thread, including the ones from years ago that are no longer very active here, you can reach the same conclusions. Note that the people who are attracted to a thread are not necessarily providing representative view of reality either as a self-selected group is not without sample bias.

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For the record, I have found that I am an exception and that most do need an AI. I am not advocating against AI’s at all. A blood test and how you feel are what is important.

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The_Myth: I hope that you understand how ironic your handle seems to me! :slight_smile:


For me, and most guys, controlling E2 is job 1. When my E2 is in the low 20’s I’m a lean, mean fighting machine. When my E2 is elevated I’m a fat, weak douche with no libido. I love my AI!

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Any TRT friendly doc’s in Georgia y’all recommend?

I already linked you to the finding a TRT doc sticky. You need to read those stickies.

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Run it without the AI for 6 weeks and see what your labs look like at that point. If your E2 is elevated, you have your answer. That simple. Most guys feel good with their E2 in the 20s.

I did approximately 2 months on 125mg test e a week without an AI (but had been using a SERM for gyno). The minimal acne from my rising estrogen (44 to ~80) wasn’t too big of an issue. It was the higher blood pressure that started giving appendage and chest pains; it almost made me stop TRT if I couldn’t get an AI script. About 1 week after taking an AI, I had lost nearly 10 pounds which was presumably water retention, the pains vanished, and acne subsided.

I have always taken a AI but it was only .5mg a week to start with and I was injecting160mg of testosterone a week . My E2 level hit the higher end of “normal”. It was what most doctors would say is fine. Libido dropped a little bit, not much. But I became very emotional. Not depressed at all, I felt good. But tears just came on for so little reason. I had to give up old country music or only listen to it alone, it was embarrassing. I am now taking 1mg a week. And I no longer and write tearful poetry… Thank God! It is good to be a man