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Doing TRT for Life?


Good lord won’t no one tell him? The longer you are shut down the harder it is to restart. Some never restart. And while you are shutdown you are making no sperm so no kids in your future you are sterile.
I’ll recommend you head over to the pharma forum and get smart on a good restart protocol and see if you can start making your old naddy numbers.


While I am no expert on this subject, I think you must realize staying on TRT longterm is a decision that shouldn’t be based on the opinions of internet forum users. Especially when said forum users are almost certainly on longterm TRT themselves, and want to remain convinced that they made a sound, safe decision (not trying to sound snarky; it’s human nature to want that reinforcement). The simple answer is no one knows the long term risks, as the data isn’t there. It may well be that it is completely safe, and has only upside. Or it may be that 20 years from now, you’ll rue the day that you made this decision. Nobody knows.


Look at it like quality of life choices. If you get off TrT, your T is more than likely done producing naturally. So now you will be Low T plus Low E2 which is a very deadly combo.

Staying TrT, you keep your T levels normal, keep E2 at decent levels, not to mention, you are going to be checking your blood work every 6-12 months now to ensure nothing has crept up. Staying on TrT is only going to make life better. I dont see any decision or thinking required.


If you were to run an SHBG test and find it slightly above midrange, that would be confirmation that it was likely elevated and why you felt low T at 530-600 levels. Then you would be better informed and likely a restart would fail on the basis that SHBG is high.

Withdrawal would be pure hell and I hope I never find out what it’s like.


My opinion is that your risk is loosing fertility. Do you plan on having kids? If so, TRT is not going to help with that. Fewer have issues if using HCG in their protocol.

You could try HCG or Clomid or Nolva monotherapy (or go with a restart). It might get you to levels where you feel good.

If your free test (don’t go off of total test) is low naturally, you may be at risk of more health risks than on TRT.