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Doing Too Much?

I am planning on doing 4 fullbody workouts a week. The rep/set schemes I will be using is:


would this be to much?

Partly depends on how many exercises you are planning on doing per session. If you’re going to try and do five or six exercises each time you’ll be doing a lot of sets on some of those days. Post the full plan.

Undulating periodization is never a bad idea, but how many exercises are you doing per workout?

Since you’re posting in the Beginner’s forum, I’m going to assume you haven’t been training long enough to handle 4 full body workouts per week. You should probably stick with 3 for quite a while.

Anyway, 4x6 and 5x5 aren’t different enough from each other to include both.

well Im not so much of a beginner but whenever you post in another place you dont get many responses. I have been doing full body workouts for a while and am now trying to lose some fat.