Doing Too Much or Need Better Conditioning?

Does this seem like I’m trying to do too much or am I not in good enough shape? This workout for example, takes me a while to get through and wipes me out.

Deadlift -5/3/1 sets
Deadlift- FSL or joker sets
Farmers carry- 3 sets

Is all the deadlift volume just wearing me out by the time I get to the farmers walk? thanks

It could be your TM is too high, and your grinding the weights up. Also, doing “joker sets” of DL will certainly wear out anyone, so I’d take those out if you’re feeling crushed from the workout.

Yeah. This should not wear you out, couple things to consider:

  • Too high TM.
  • You’re grinding reps. With Jokers like antiquity suggested, or you’re pushing the “+” to the absolute end.
  • Something is messed up in your recovery. More sleep/food/active recovery?
  • Or you really might be out of shape.

Remember - you’ll should feel tired after the workout. There are heavy things involved. But this should not kill you. If I would do this (considering the FSL means 5x5), it would take me probably around 50 minutes.

What does this mean? 90 minutes?

I mainly feel it when I get into the farmers walk. Maybe its because I was doing a program where I was doing less volume on the main lift so I was fresher for the farmers walk. Im gonna take out the FSL/jokers for the deadlift for now. Just push for PR on the main 5/3/1 set and go into the farmers walk. After a couple cycles maybe I’ll try to add the FSL/joker back in if I feel good. One of the main things I’ve learned from Jim is to do more with less. Not to keep adding to my training without taking stuff out. Plus I don’t think Deads need a ton of volume anyway. I think the upper body presses benefit more from extra volume.

I think this is specific to the person. I actually found I do better following Dan John’s method of doing 5 sets of 2 on DL, in big increments. His example was start with 135 and keep adding 45’s until you reach a top set of 495x2. Now, I’m not that strong, so I do doubles of 135, 225, 275, 315, and 365. I began using this for the DL’s when I was also training for an endurance run to keep me fresher, and I have been using it since.

I respond very well to deadlift volume. There are many variables, like you suggested.

I do Farmers Walks after my two upper body days. Heavy session on Bench Day, Light Session for more distance on OHP day when I do them. Doing heavy FWs around DL day will either interfere with your DLs/Recovery, or your DL’s will take away from performing on the FW.

FW are assistance, unless you training for something specific with them. Assistance shouldnt rob the core lifts. Just my 2cents anyways.