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Doing the Splits


anyone on hear that have trained themselves to do the splits?? what stretches did you do??

i am focusing on stretching now and plan to reach the splits both ways but sometimes when i stretch my adductors for xample pushing my legs apart i get sore at the hip joint in my left leg. is it because that stretch is bad or me having poor form??


If you really want to do the splits, find someone else who wants to do them and use P.N.F. stretching on each other, it is infinitely faster than passive or active stretching, you will actually feel and see the muscle release. However, don't forget differing male and female hip structure, and well as individual variance make it more difficult for some to reach the full splits.


Yo, I can do the splits both ways. Front and side splits.

A question for you, though: why do you want to do them in the first place?

If it's just for the coolness factor, trust me: it's not cool. If you need to do them for athletic reasons, that's a different story.


Do a search for PNF as the above poster mentioned, and AIS. AIS (active isolation stretching) is something you can do alone. It is difficult to do properly without help, but a thorough understanding will enable you to get it right with some creativity. Done properly both methods are about as effective.



i want to do them too but i keep on putting off stretching cause i dont like it lol

Tyler i say we do the P.N.F it sounds good


Well I should read a good amount of Pavel's book, "Relax into Stretching", last night.

What it says is that someone who becomes overly flexible can actually hurt their athletic performance. For example, I remember that it said boxers cant get as much power into their punch since the power is lost in the hip when moving up the body, because it is so flexible, and cannot reach the shoulder because of this.

If you really want to get flexible--read the book. Great book IMO.


i want to do them just for the sake of doing them the same reason people train to be strong or to look good i want to be strong, look better and have good flexibility.

o do pnf stretching for my hams nowhere else.

thanks for the advice


van dam or bruce lee didn lose any power
from doing the spilts. lol


yeah, in the movies..


The example in Relax Into Stretch is a kickboxer who found out that he had trouble pulling back his kicks after he reached a certain degree of flexibility. But this certain degree of flexibility was a suspended split 20 degrees past parallel to the ground. Most people don't have the problem of being that flexible.


Don't want to hijack the thread but does anybody know if it would be determinal to someone focusing on explosive speed and jumping to be able to do the splits? Can Olympic 100m sprinters do the splits?


I'm not sure if this site is going to hate me for directly linking (actually, they'll probably appreciate the publicity), but in response to your question, check this out:


This is contemporary chinese wushu, and one of the many ways I waste my life. If you don't think these guys have explosive power + flexibility + crazy verts... you're just insane.

This is the unfortunate reason I have to do the splits. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.

NOTE: Don't use the link directly; it won't work (at least it didn't for me). Instead, right-click on it, hit "copy shortcut", open a new browser window, and paste it in that.


Flexibility only hurts preformance when you have a strenght deficit If you have weak hams, and you can do a forward splits then you are inviting injury because your limbs can move in a greater reange of motion than you muscles can control.


Just buy the Marco Lala stretching videos. He's a karate dude, google him. Couldn't even touch my toes back in the day ( I was 17 & looking to run faster, increase stride length ) bought his 2 videos which I still have & in 3 monthes was doing a Van Dam split!