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Doing the Pervertor


I have some questions concerning the Pervertor.

  1. Is it ok to do opposite lifts as supplemental?
  2. There are not many high intensity sets, though a lot of volume, but mostly under 70 rm. Are there people here that done this yet? Do you have good strength results?
  3. I just set back my tm à lot. As I used my estimated rm to calculate my TM upon. Now I’ve used my real max, and took 85 for that. It makes almost 30 kg difference on my deadlift f. E. Will I loose acquired strength, lowering my TM by that much? Did this cause I overtrained and hurt my lower back by using a too high TM all the time.
  4. Do you do the BBS and bbb on the deadlift? As that is a lot of volume for that particular lift.

One more question. Does the original 531 still work best? Compared to the new programs? I’ve read someone wrote that.

Thx all

  1. It would most likely be ok to do the opposite lifts as supplemental; however, I like to focus on one lift per workout. It helps keep your focus on a singular goal for the day.

  2. I haven’t done this template but after my results with Krypteia I have no doubt it works.

  3. Lowering your training max will help you gain strength and not loose it. It will also help you fix your deadlift so you don’t injure yourself again.

  4. Not during the same week. It changes each week.

And it depends on your goals

Lowering your training max is more likely to help than hurt. There’s zero benefit to doing the opposite lift. Jim doesn’t recommend it and there’s no point in doing so.

No, do it as prescribed.

Yes, I’ve done it and was happy with the results. The Anchor phase has the usual PR’s, so there are high intensity sets.

A lower TM is better than one that’s too high.

Yes, just as the program is prescribed. It is a lot of volume, but as you said earlier, make sure your TM is correct and you’ll be fine.

Well, if you read that someone wrote that on a forum somewhere on the world wide web, then it must be true.