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Doing Strongman, PL and Olympic Lifting?


I know this may sound stupid or impossible but can you do Strongman Training, Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting and be able to make gains in all? I love all 3 and recently for the past 3 weeks have trained on both Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting. I wanted to add DB Farmer's walk, sled drags, Sand bag carries, and tire flips to my workouts.

A little bit about me I'm in the Army and have to of course do morning PT during the week which consists of running, crossfit and ruck marching. I've been lifting Mon-Wed Fri-Sat with Thursday and Sunday off. But I like all 3 sports and would like to do all three is it possible? If it is so can someone maybe write me a plan? Any help I would appreciate.


He is pretty successful in all three, moreso in Stongman and Olympic Lifting though.


Only one response lol?


Alright well how does this look?

Monday PT we run about 5-8 miles, Im gonna do Chest and Tri's afternoon and Olympic at night.

Tuesday/Thursday I got my Squad Leader to agree to do this for PT: Tire Flips, 100lb Sand Bag 50 meter Front Carry/Back Carry back 50 meter, 45lb sandbag 50 meter sprints, 2 Water Can Farmer Walks to failure, Hill Sprints in Full kit.

Tuesday afternoon Back and Bi's and in the evening Olympic.

Wednesday for PT we do a circuit of 1 mile run and then 2 minutes Pushups, 2 minutes Situps 5 miles total, afternoon Leg workout and evening Olympic.

Thursday gym rest day.

Friday 100lb 12 mile Ruck March, afternoon chest and Tris and evening olympic.

Saturday Im obviously off so Im gonna do on my own 100lb Sand Bag front carry to failure, 50 meter 45lb sand bag sprints and then go immediately to the gym and do Clean and Jerks, Snatches, Deadlifts, and shrugs.

Now does this look ok or does anyone have better suggestions? This is the best that I have at the moment.


Yes you can but if you want to be the best you must be a specialist in only one.


If you really love what you are doing and eat a ton of food I see no reason why you cannot improve at all three simultaneously. You will be spending a lot of time in the gym though, you need to practice a ton of different movements. I would suggest heavy powerlifting routines most of the time but stay in the gym on days that others would normally take off. Work through technique with minimal weight in strongman and olympic lifting for a sort of active recovery on these days.

Of course you'll have to get some heavy days with those as well when you can, especially in stones, tires, log press, and oly lifts (In these practicing with low weight won't really prepare you for max effort stuff). However, if you are around the novice level at this point the thing you really need to work on is getting big and strong. Getting a big deadlift will help immensely for almost everything in strongman and oly lifting. A huge front squat will also benefit all three, especially strongman and oly lifting. If you are doing any strongman competitions, work on excellent conditioning beforehand and you will have a huge advantage over most other competitors as well.

You will also have to spend a ton of time doing prehab and keeping your flexibility. Soft tissue work is a must, and IMO chiropractic helps a lot. If you really have the passion to spend the time on all of this, I believe you can reach a very respectable point in all three sports. Good luck!


Andrew the last time I went to a chiropracter he was like, "Oh my God your back is really messed up what do you do for a living?"

To which I replied, "Army Strong." lol

But anyway as far as eating I get usually about 3500 calories, 300 carbs and 450 grams of protein a day usually. I know I need more cals I just hate eating. I need a kick in the butt when it comes to stretching. I been good recently when it comes to stretching after working out. Im experimenting with foam rolls also right now. Ive been told I overtrain but lifting for me is an addiction, I just cant get enough of it. Now as far as rest that I have a problem with that. Since Afghanistan I have a sleeping disorder and am a very light sleeper. So I average about 5-6 hour sleep usually. Sleeping pills dont help either that just makes me pass out but not really sleep.

Thanks Andrew for the good luck wish appreciate it.


That is LOT of volume, not including the amount of running your doing as well, I would cut back on your volume and limit your reps.Basically, it is going to come down to how much your able to recover from all this training plus your PT. To me it is hard to increase lower body strength with a lot running. Al Vermeil said you have to decrease your lower body work as the amount of running increases. I would try 3 days a week mix
something like this: ( just my 2 cents)

Mon; AM PT as listed / PM: Push press 5 x 3 / Closer grip bench press/or floor presses 5 x 3, dips (weighted) 5-8 x 3

Tues: Tire Flips, 100lb Sand Bag 50 meter Front Carry/Back Carry back 50 meter, 45lb sandbag 50 meter sprints, 2 Water Can Farmer Walks to failure, Hill Sprints in Full kit. PM OFF

WED: PT we do a circuit of 1 mile run and then 2 minutes Pushups, 2 minutes Situps 5 miles total,

Thurs: Cleans & Snatch 8 x 2, Squats or front squats 6 x 3

Fri: 100lb 12 mile Ruck March/ Pm OFF

Sat: Push press 5 x 3 / Closer grip bench press/or floor presses 5 x 3 dips (weighted) 5-8 x 3

good luck


Thanks for the plan Iron I appreciate it. But unfortunately I should have added that Im forced to do my afternoon workouts with the squad and do what they do. I tried arguing but got shotdown. Thats why I do a evening workout. I lift heavy with the squad and its funny cause Im by far the strongest all around but it is what it is. But my biggest success is getting my Squad doing my version of strongman training tuesday and thursday for PT.


This might help:

Complexes With Strongman/GPP Equipment
by Christian Thibaudeau - 06/02/2011

My form of complexes, which I am convinced is the fastest route to body "revamping/recomposition", is generally done with barbell movements. But it can also be done with other pieces of equipment as long as you understand the movement pattern these equipment target as well as how they can be used (where in the force spectrum).

Here are some common strongman/GPP exercises and to what pattern they belong.

TIRE FLIP: deadlift movement pattern

PROWLER PUSHING: lunges or deadlift movement pattern (if torso parallel to the ground)

SLED PULLING BACKWARDS: Squat movement pattern

HILL SPRINTS OR STAIRCASE SPRINTS: can be used for deadlift, lunges or squat movement pattern. If using staircase sprints, 2 steps at a time = deadlift, 1 step at a time = squat

FARMER'S WALK: deadlift or squat movement pattern

LOG PRESS: overhead movement pattern

SLED PRESS: Bench press movement pattern

STONE LIFT: deadlift movement pattern

TIRE STRIKING: Although not a press movement, and the fact that it involves the lats a lot, I like to use it in an overhead complex since it works shoulders nicely

KETTLEBELL SWINGS: Deadlift pattern

KETTLEBELL CLEAN & PRESS: overhead movement pattern

KETTLEBELL SNATCH: overhead or deadlift movement pattern

WHEELBARROW WALK: deadlift or squat pattern

*** Then you must understand how you can adapt these exercises to fit the various points in the force spectrum ***

You can go VERY heavy for a short distance/low reps (e.g. load the prowler with as much weight as you can push for 10 yards), with a moderate weight for speed/power (eg 20yds prowler sprint) or with a light/moderate weight for strength-endurance (e.g. prowler pushing, longest distance covered in 1:30-2:00 minutes).

TIRE FLIP: Maximal = if you have a very heavy tire; that is hard to flip 3-5 times... Power = Explosive flips, as many as you can in 12 seconds ... Strength-endurance = maximum flips in 90-120 seconds

PROWLER PUSHING (examples given above)

SLED WALKING BACKWARDS: maximal = heaviest weight you can pull over 10 yards... power = moderate load, maximum distance you can cover in 12 seconds... speed = light load, maximum distance you can cover in 5 seconds ... strength-endurance = maximum distance you can cover in 90-120 seconds

HILL/STAIRCASE SPRINTS: maximum = none (if you are crazy you could sprint up a hill pulling a sled over 10 yards) ... power = wearing a weighted vest, maximum distance you can cover in 5 seconds... speed = no vest, maximum distance you can cover in 5 seconds... strength-endurance ... maximum distance you can cover in 90-120 seconds (for stairs, doesn't really work with hills)

FARMER'S WALK: maximal = maximum weight you can carry over 10 yards ... power = moderate weight, maximum distance you can cover in 5 seconds (speed is the same but with lighter load) ... strength-endurance = maximum distance in 90-120 seconds

LOG PRESS: maximal = heaviest weight you can lift for 3-5 reps ... power = explosive push press for 3-5 reps ... strength-endurance = maximum reps with around 50%

SLED CHEST PRESS: maximal = heaviest weight you can do for 10 yards... power = moderate load, maximum distance you can cover in 12 seconds... speed = light load, maximum distance you can cover in 5 seconds ... strength-endurance = maximum distance you can cover in 90-120 seconds

STONE LIFT: maximal = lift the heaviest stone you can for 3-5 reps... power = lift a moderate weight stone explosively for 3-5 reps... strength-endurance = pick a lighter stone and lift it as many times as possible

TIRE STRIKING: maximum = none ... power = the more strikes you can do in 12 seconds... strength-endurance = maximum strikes in 90-120 seconds.

WHEELBARROW WALK: same as sled walking backwards

KETTLEBELL STUFF: maximal = maximum weight you can lift 3-5 times... power = moderate load (1 size lower that the maximal weight) for 3-5 explosive reps... strength-endurance = light/moderate weight for max reps

For strongman complexes you pick one maximal movement, one power movement and one strength-endurance (or speed in some cases) movement.


DEADLIFT PATTERN: A1. Heavy tire flip 3-5x ... A2. prowler sprint, max distance in 5-12 sec. ... A3. Kettlebell swing x max reps

DEADLIFT PATTERN B (bar/strongman combo): A1. Deadlift x 3-5 reps ... A2. Prowler sprint max distance over 5-12 seconds... A3. Tire flip, max in 90-120 seconds

SQUAT PATTERN: A1. Heavy sled pulling backwards max weight for 10yds ... A2. Hill sprints wearing a vest max distance in 5 seconds ... A3. Farmer's walk max distance in 90-120 seconds

SQUAT PATTERn B (combo): A1. Back squat 3-5 reps ... A2. Jump squat with 30% for 5-8 reps ... A3. Sled walking backwards maximum distance in 90-120 seconds

OVERHEAD PATTERN: A1. Log press 3-5 reps ... A2. Kettlebell push press 3-5 explosive reps ... A3. Tire striking max in 90-120 seconds

OVERHEAD PATTERN B (combo): A1. Log press 3-5 reps ... A2. Push press 3-5 explosive reps ... A3 Kettlebell clean and press max reps

BENCH PATTERN: A1. Log floor press 3-5 reps ... A2. Sled chest press maximum reps in 12 seconds ... A3. Plyo push ups

BENCH PATTERN B (combo): A1. Bench press 3-5 reps ...A2. Medicine ball throw from chest x 8-10... A3. Sled chest press max distance in 90-120 seconds


Thanks for the info Tex. Im planning on competing in the Ft Bliss Strongman Competition that will be held at SOTO Gym. The events are the 30 meter Truck Pull, 135lb Farmer's Walk in each hand for 60 meters, Tire flip for 30 meters, 135lb Log Press for max reps. So Im gonna try and do a strongman specific workout. Its being held on 17Sep so I got like a month to prepare.


First of all, I'm a Strong Man so I'm obviously slanted towards my passion. However, I also train oly style and power lifting is included with all those heavy benches and deads I guess...

Anyhow, couple pointers:

  • Your Strong Man work is way too light, several miles with a mere 100 lbs ruck sack doesn't resemble anything you face in a strong man competition. Flip heavier tires, use old bombs as farmers walk handles, I dunno :wink: it has to be HEAVY, not crossfit weights.

  • Benching and oly lifting on the same day is a bad idea. You might get away with it for a while but your shoulders will make you pay and your strength will suffer. Keep the dynamic work (olympic lifting) separate from slower movements such as bench.

-Legs and olympic will work on the same day, since it's a lot of squattin' anyhow.

  • This whole back/bi/chest/tri may be the holy grail of BBing, but it's bullshit for strength athletes. Divide it rather by movements, say:

Monday and Tuesday Olympic only, with overhead presses on one day and extra pull work (deads, high pulls, etc.) on the other.

Friday pretty boy upper body stuff: Bench, chest isolation, shoulder iso, arms iso, etc.


Also, don't embarrass yourself during the truck pull. Get some rock-climbing shoes and be prepared for hell on earth. Depending on the weight of the truck, it may be a sheer will-power exercise.


If you can get your hands on a log it will help with the pressing. A neutral grip log feels different than a loaded barbell (and find out how wide the grip is, I made mine a little wider than the ones I saw on the internet because those looked/felt too narrow - and I am not a big framed guy). Getting a good push with the legs is a bit different as well. At least with my log I tend to start lower (upper chest) rather than with a barbell (clavicle) and the push is different in that the log is out a ways from the body. It is not that hard to adjust to, but I would not want to make that adjustment the day of the event.

Good luck.


you know what they say, a jack of all trades is usually a master of none. But if its for your personal enjoyment, go for it.


Dre could you be so kind to write me a plan???? So what I get is monday-tuesday olympic. Should I train strongman wednesday-thursday???? Friday bench and arms???? Should I take saturday-sunday off???? Now morning pt I have no control over thats all my squadleader. Any help you could give me I would appreciate it greatly.


Of course you can, also you have to try and see, thats the only real answer, you will need a lot of organzation


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