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Doing Squats, Deadlifts, Few Isolations


Hello , Im 19 and I started at a commercial gym for the first time about 2 months ago . I focus on squats, deadlifts , overhead press and shrugs ; all compound excercises . If I feel like it , I then go for isolation .Never train more than 1 hr . Perhaps, Im the only one in my gym who deadlifts :\

So My right delt is in pain since last week . It was after my dumbell press with 40 lb went wrong . NOw I can`t dumbell press without a sharp pain in my right shoulder .I can deadlift, even barbell curl , but no presses and side laterals .

So can I just do squats, deadlifts, shrugs and overhead for the next one month till my shoulder heals? I cant think of stopping my training . I mean , if it doesnt pain , I don`t need to worry,right?

Thanks !

some background info:
height: 170cm . weight : 176lb

I admit I`m a bit OW :\ and need to lose fat . But first I want to build muscles and then lose fat so I end up looking good .


hey dude,

i had a simialr problem with my shoulder when a guy spotting me yanked my elbow baack and i couldnt shoulder press/bench properly for a long time. i would definately not ignore the problem. i went to see the physio a couple of times and still get work done on it but the main thing is to get it worked on so that you recover quicker. i still feel it in my shoulder when i press but only slightly.

DONT ignore it!

if its not too uncomfortable then keep deadlifting and squatting but try to avoid doing any direct pressing movements until you get it seen to.



Two things right off the bat. First, shrugs aren't a compound exercise. Secondly, that's a terrible plan. There are tons of effective routines that can still be done with under an hour per workout.

This could be anything, from a slight sprain to a serious tear. I'd definitely find a way to get checked out by a professional.

Since you don't know what's wrong, you have no guarantee whatsoever that it'll heal, or even begin to improve, in a month.

You're a young dude. Remember that you've got 50 or 60 years of training ahead of you. Taking even a few months right now to stay healthy and do prehab/rehab (if necessary) would be a small step in the big scheme of things.

Or... you can ignore it and possibly become a 25-year old lifter who constantly complains about his nagging shoulder injury that flares up and prevents him from doing even more effective training.

No, not right.


@Jehuty :
Yep , I won`t ignore it . Thanks !

@Chris Colucci:
Thanks for your reply !
But can you please explain why my plan is terrible ? I just focus on them ,not do only those . Like after I squat , I go for deadlift . Then go to either one of tricep pulldown/shrugs/wrist curl/barbell curl for a few sets . I also make it a point to progressively overload in all my excercises.
So do I need to do take care of something else as well ?


can you write out your actual training and eating schedule please


My workout 1: (Time 1 hr)
Squats-> (2 warmup sets with light weight ) + 4 sets of actual load (7-8 reps)
Deadlift -> (1 warmup set with medium weight ) + 3 sets of actual load (5-6 reps)
Tricep pulldown-> 4 sets (x 10)
Wrist curl ->3 sets (x10)

Workout 2 :
flat Dumbell press ->4 x12
Incline dumbell press ->4 x 12
Dumbell Shrugs ->4 x 10
Side laterals ->3 x10
(and some hanging on the bar trying pull ups)

This is more or less my main workout schedule . I do workout-1 2 times a week and workout-2 2 times in a week
. Never in consecutive days.

I drink a pint of milk before sleeping and some whey/milk first thing in the morning .
I take in whey shake immediately after workout followed by a pint of milk 1 hour later . Recently I noticed red patches .That must be due to histamine . So now I try to eat fruits as well for antioxidants .


Get your shoulder checked out. You're a beginner. Self-diagnosis is not allowed.

Your workout lacks pulling movements of any kind, such as rows, chin-ups or pull-ups. Since you're doing two pressing movements, you should do at least two pulls.

Wrist curls? Honestly? I would throw this out until your physique is thick and mature and you need to "round it out". But that's just me. I think you'd get more bang-for-buck swapping that out for a bent-over barbell row which will hit your biceps, forearms and upper-back and seriously solicit lower-back for stability.

Your diet description is incomplete. What else do you eat besides whey protein? Did you just add fruits now? Try also adding vegetables.


Brah, movement in the sternoclavicular joint and the glenohumeral joint :wink:


damn, your training sucks, read the beginner stickies in this forum

why only twice a week? where is the pulling?


I just realized that after your replies ! I think abrbell rows are in order now :slight_smile: