Doing Speed Work After an Injury

I pulled my groin playing hockey a few months ago and have been taking it easy lifting legs. It only really bothers me when my leg is abducted or when I am adducting it against resistance.

Anyway, I am wondering if any of the PT’s out there want to comment on how long before I can start doing speed workouts for legs. I usually follow DeFranco’s WSSB but have completely cut out legs for the last few months. I just went for my first jog in probably 6-8 weeks and there is a small twinge, not necessarily painful but doesnt feel like the other side.

Is there general exersizes I should be doing to strenthen it before going back into lifting legs and doing runs? If not is the feeling normal for someone recoverying or does that mean it is still effed and I need to rest up for a few more weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don want to have to go see the Dr. about this and my hockey season resumes in 4 weeks.

not exactly about speed work, but another idea of how to get a muscle strain fixed: