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Doing Some Filming

I am going to skip work tomorrow. I got asked to be an extra in a made for TV movie. The pay stinks,and this time I am not too excited by it. Its a crime scene thriller. Not sure the name or what station its to be on. I have been an extra in 4 movies and 6 or 7 TV shows that have shown on large network TV. I use to love it. The last time, my whole family was in the scene (except my then 5 year old son).

If you have never done it, and have the chance it can be fun. Unless you are SAG and doing movies the pay stinks, its just for the bragging rights really. In this state being SAG hurts you because it is a right to work state, so a movie company can hire all sorts of people at $8 per hour, but in SAG protected states they have to pay way more than that.

H’okay have fun!

I like these Extras


That is so funny, and often so close to the truth. LOL

Today was like one of six cold rainy days they have out here. Filmed outside, cold and rainy all damn day. I shivered for 8 hours straight.

Is some crime investigative show on Spike TV called SIS.