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Doing Shrooms. Advice?


Okay guys. I've smoked weed a couple times, nothing crazy. I hate drinking heavily anymore, in fact I haven't drank to get drunk, or just drank in general for almost 8 months, but I'm gonna try some shrooms out this friday probably. I heard it can be crazy fun or crazy fucking scary. Gimme some advice on how to have a good trip and what I can expect!


Shrooms. The new chloroform.


I think it's laughable that you come to a Bodybuilding Forum to ask people for advice on hallucinogenics.

Funny that you preface the post with the fact that you haven't drank in general for 8 months.

Keep making solid decisions bud... Us older guys appreciate the job security.


I'm still waiting for you to create a thread on how to properly suck dick. Don't be mad because you got cursed with the cock sucking gene.



I seem to remember a recent thread asking for advice after he got dumped for snooping around in his girlfriend's Facebook account.

Smart girl


And yes I did. Funny as shit.


Just enjoy it and don't FREAK OUT!!! Don't hang around a bunch of people who aren't doing them when you do it. Don't have an in-depth discussion with a police officer, parent, or other authority figure while shrooming and you should be fine. ;0


A Napolean's Complex to boot? How appropriate...

Here's my advice:

Make sure to eat about a 1/4 ounce of the fungus this Friday. After you're all doped up, see how difficult it is to run your mouth with your buddy's scrotum caught in your throat.

Fucking twat.


Nope, 20, close though.

Yep, the wonders of on demand.

Ari, "Lloyd, there are two eyes staring at me!"
Lloyd, "Are you sure you aren't just hallucinating?"
Ari, "NO!...something, something"
Lloyd, "Confucious say RUNNN Ari!!"


It sounds like you are trying to replace booze with shrooms. Don't try to party on shrooms lol. Xanax will help if things go bad.


Not dumped. Smart girl? You don't even know me to be talking about that shit.


Lol I'm not some alcoholic or anything. Just never saw the point in drinking or smoking weed. Just wanted to see what the hype is about a shroom high.


Cool, well go for it. I've never heard of anyone that didn't enjoy shrooms.


entourage is fuckn hilarious... I'm about to watch it now.


my little brother has done every drug put in front of him minus heroin and meth.
his words of advice on the subject are don't watch scary movies, be in a familiar and comfortable environment with people you are cool with (and won't fuck with you).

my advice would be don't do shrooms, they are poison.
but to each their own...

happy trippin' if you do.


You know they say weed is the "gateway drug", and now its shrooms.. Whats next, crack?


If it's the crack of jessica alba's ass, well then hell yeah I'm down for doing it!

If it's that hard rock you smoke to get high, hell no!


I'm 20 too, that doesn't give either of us license to be immature and vulgar.

Other thoughts:

Be in a comfortable place.

Don't hang out with too many people who aren't tripping, especially ones who don't know it. But don't go it alone either.

Eat a meal before you eat your fungus.

Get plenty of sleep the night before.

An eighth is probably too much.

You are eating poisonous mushrooms that grow in cow shit. Try not to think about that as you are eating them. Instead, concentrate on the horrible, horrible taste. A PB&shroom sandwich is a local favorite.

If you start to get hungry in the middle of your trip, have a shake. Of course, you might be too fucked up to recognize that the discomfort you're feeling is actually hunger.

Weed will help. I suggest rolling a j or two before you start tripping.

Stay away from vitamin C unless you want to get really messed up.

If your friends decide that it's hilarious to pretend to rob your house with toy guns while you're tripping, wait until the next day to kick their asses.


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Hmmm. Nuff said.