Doing My Own Modified 5x5 Program to Lose Weight. Will It Work?

Well, I am 35 340 pounds finally decided to make a change after being told I need insulin injections, So I decided to focus on lifting because my last attempts at weight loss the youtube workout videos and 45 minutes on the elliptical was not fun to me after a while and became unsustainable.

So I am currently making changes to my diet slowly I am eating less every day avoiding all sugar cutting back on bread and I have given up alcohol. so I am guessing my calorie intake should be around 2500 I am hitting that for the most part.

So here is my custom lifting routine I am very weak so the weight is very small

Squats 7x5 75lbs
Floor Press 5x10 50lbs
Overhead press 5x5 45lb bar
and I usually curl 30lbs to failure to end the workout

What do you guys think about this routine on a calorie restriction 4 days a week I usually complete this work out in 25-35 minutes

Any advice?

The routine looks fine, but it is just a routine. Over time you’ll need to find a way to progress it, ie. Make it more difficult.

That said, I really think that your main focus should be on diet and increasing daily activity as much as possible. Lifting has a part to play but diet will be by far the biggest factor.


Good luck on your fat loss journey, that’s a great resolution. At your weight pretty much any activity will make you lose fat. So the most important thing about your training should that it motivates you. Do stuff you like and move.
Though make sure to add some back work. BB or DB rows for instance!
Also it smarts to not plummet the calories too much


The 2500 is a little low for you at this stage IMO. A possible better option for you could be be to get a general idea what your average caloric intake was that got you up to 340lbs. once you do that subtract the 500 cals see what weight loss occurs for a week. Nothing happens , drop another 500 until weight loss occurs maintain that level until weight loss stops. In a nut shell I would suggest slowly stair stepping your caloric intake slowly to help in preventing plateauing in the long run.

I second what the gentlemen above advised


Similar(ish) but better…

4th day do 45 mins HIIT on the bike and/or a bunch of these…

x2 with above before everything else just do whatever moves you to get in the gym +include some back work