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Doing More Fast Reps or Less Slow Reps


so then you understand that the hard on you have for such an inconsequential thing is unwarranted? Thank god.


I think this stuff is interesting too.

I have a book by a Russian track coach. It reads like a text book on lifting and training. In the 70s these Russian dudes were doing tons of experiments with rep speed, eccentric vs concentric focus vs isometric focus, etc.

They found some cool stuff like muscles in the front of your body make big gains with isometrics. Legs and back made big gains with slow lowering. They also measured how long dudes could make gains using each style.

The studies built off of eachother and worked together to find useful information. One cool graph showed gains using different rep speeds vs eachother and vs using All rep speeds at different times.


Very true. I’ve found that lifting slowly makes me stronger, especially at lifting slowly; rep speed is direct transferable to power generation. What intrigued me is the study that noted the causal relationship between GH production and slow negatives. That being said -

That’s a good question.

I got into lifting in high school in the mid-90s, and I’ve only read about the training methods of Arnold-era body builders, so I can’t speak to modern methods.

Discounting for PED use, Ive read many Arnold-era body builders would use lots of different techniques, including slow negatives. Their mass and strength certainly didn’t suffer from the wide variety of techniques but, as you point out, that one specific method wasn’t the sole foundation of their size.

@FlatsFarmer’s Russian studies are quite interesting - it’s new info to me, but I’m not totally surprised, that different areas of muscle groups respond differently to each method. We talk about the benefits of pause squats, and I’ve experienced the benefits of slow negative rows and pullups, but I’ve noticed that slow negative pushups or chest presses aren’t as effective. The Russian studies discovered that decades ago. Very fascinating!

For a non-PED-using recreational lifter, I enjoy coming across info that enhances and/or explains my training.


Regarding the whole TUT issue… I came across a video that I agree with which might have some value.