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Doing Meets Alone?


This may sound like a stupid question but I couldnt find an answer for it online. After 3yrs of training, I have gotten to a point where I really want to test myself in a meet. My question is, do I have to enter a meet with a group,club,team,etc? I havent met a group in my area yet(I met but they said there is a max of members?) but I dont want that to hold me back. Ive been lucky to learn alot from various sources so I want to test myself.


call the meet director and ask. :slight_smile:


I know for USAPL you must have a member card before lifting. I can't remember what this costs but I think around $30. After that you can enter as many USAPL meets as you want for a year at no additional charge other than meet fees. A typical full meet would probably run around $40-60 I think. I have entered meets as part of a team and as an individual and either way you still have to pay for the membership and the meet fees. I assume both of these amounts change for different federations, states, etc.


All federations will require a membership, usually you can get it at registration.
All meets will require a meet fee.
You can lift as a 'Lone Wolf' or as a member of a pack.


You have to have a membership for the fed, but you don't HAVE to have a coach or be in a group. I'm doing my first meet by myself. (rather unfortunately, but oh well)


Thanks for the info guys.


Stardust, what meet are you going to? Not sure where you are in Ontario but there's one at Canadore College in February, OPA sanctioned.


Got in contact with the USAPL meet director and he answered most of my questions. Looking forward to it.


100% RAW Powerlifting meet in Scarborough, on February 26th. I'm just outside of Toronto.


Farmerson what meet are you doing? I saw you were from texas.


Aggie Showdown in College Station. Its on the 26th of Feb.


On a non comp note, Fuck Canadore! (Nipissing Alumni)

As for Stardust, pfft you'll meet people there, plus that is me in the pic and i'll be there along with a few friends.


I'm looking to compete for the first time this year and have been checking the OPA website daily and have not seen this. Where did you find this out?


It's with the 100% RAW powerlifting federation, not the OPA.
However, the OPA is going to start having a RAW (they will call it "Classic") class of contests. This will either be seperate meets, or seperate flights within some meets for lifters who want to lift un-equipped and compete against similar lifters (I'm sure you can still lift un-equipped in the regular meet if you want, you just won't get any special designation for it).


lol, Clearly I haven't done my homework. Do I need a separate membership for this federation? Are there many different ones in Ontario? Thanks


100% RAW is a seperate federation. You would need a seperate membership.

As far as I know, there are three federations in Ontario. The OPA (affiliated with the CPU - IPF) is the largest by a considerable amount I think. It allows single-ply gear (but you can still lift RAW) and is drug-tested. The 100% RAW is pretty new and I think the Toronto meet will be the first one in ontario. It doesn't allow any gear (other than belt etc. - no suits) and is drug-tested. The CPF is the other one (its name changed recently, so I could be wrong) and allows multi-ply gear (you can use single ply or lift RAW too) and has an untested division.


Shit, I wish I knew about that 100% RAW meet before. I'm doing my first meet this Saturday in Montreal. CPF is still CPF. They have a raw division, that's part of why I picked this meet over the OPA one. I'm not sure if this is a CPF thing, or just for this meet, but it seemed like untested was the norm for them. You had to give six weeks notice and pay $75 for a testing kit if you wanted to set amateur records.




Thank you OPA for doing raw classes now. And yeah, CPF is the other one big in Ontario. Those guys do multi ply and raw. I know some of the pro guys as well as the amatuers. If you are serious about powerlifting, i'd look into OPA more. More active and has more meets in Ontario. 100% RAW is just getting into Ontario, first meet here, and Barry McEvoy(I may have his last name wrong) is the one spearheading the movement in Ontario.

There will be more coming up, there are talks with the CPF to put on a raw competition at the gym I train at.


I've never heard of people actually HAVING to lift in a team to do a meet, I mean there are options to do that at meets, but not mandatory.

OP, if this is your first meet, I think it's best if you had someone with you when you go there, and be your handler.