Doing Hillary

Does anyone else doubt that Scarface and I will ever be drinking buddies? LOL! Yeah, Ive been hittin’ the iron. In fact, I’ve gained 6 pounds already and I’m only a week and a half into my Androsol cycle. But when I have supranormal levels of androgens flowing through me, my thoughts turn toward the fair sex, not the gym. I read that one post where that guy said he creamed his jeans while doing bench presses. Me, I’m not sexually stimulated by barbells. Sure, my fantasies of engaging in S&M with the First Lady may be an aberration, but the idea of being straddled by a high profile female while she’s wearing a dominatrix outfit, and scolding me for my misogynist attitudes is not as aberrant as being turned on by a barbell. Being sexually turned on by inanimate objects such as a barbell is a symptom of severe pathological sexual disorientation.