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Doing HIIT While Stoned


Anyone ever do this? I've been doing HIIT like this for months and it's unbelievable. Everyone in real life thinks I am nuts when I tell them this, but I have gotten amazing results so far, and it makes HIIT suck a hell of a lot less.


=).... and some folks wonder why the serious folks are annoyed with some of the posts and threads in this forum.




I'm as serious as it gets. I have posted pictures on here and while I am certainly not big or comparable to most people on here, I have pretty low bodyfat at the moment to prove I am not bsing. I know it sounds crazy and incompatible with bodybuilding but sometimes it's good to be open .


You're making responsible smokers look bad.


what is more responsible than doing something productive after smoking? My rule with smoking is I will only allow myself to do it if I do something productive after, so now I just smoke and do my cardio :slightly_smiling: I do not advocate or reccomend lifting weights while stoned or doing cardio on equipment while stoned, but it works fine and it's fun if you can do your cardio outside and not run into cars/trees.


You got me, I just needed an excuse to post a picture of a cat.

But seriously, you had to know this wouldn't be well-received here... right?


The last thing I want to do if I am stoned is run. I never understood the weed and sports thing. I have a friend who swears it makes his basketball game on point.


Ever play online video games where everyone is better than you? Well all of them are stoned. True Story. If you see Fuzzyapple play online I'm not stoned I'm just good.

What this post has to do with HIIT....absolutely nothing.


Yes, hahaha....i actually have done it once, not on purpose..actually twice..lol. But i found it harder in the fact that it felt about 6x longer than it normally would be for me. IDK how its easier for you...funny..haha


pretty much. I'm not a troll and I know this place is not bb.com and has mostly extremely serious lifters and huge guys on here, but I honestly think people use weed as an excuse to be week minded. Like people think smoking is counter productive to cutting because of the munchies, but honestly munchies can be fought, you just need a lot more will power than you would need to just do it normally, it is very hard to fight but it is completely will related, and you can resist and stay on your diet. People that succumb to munchies or get couch lock and get too lazy to go out and run are just not being strong minded enough, weed doesn't phsyically incapacitate you.

I posted it here for maybe one person to get something out of it. I've always loved lifting and lifting is fun for me, but cardio and especially HIIT were always just hell and I hate them, but now I've actually found a way to not hate them, as crazy and unconventional as it may be. But if I can show even one person on here a way to do cardio basically everyday and enjoy it a lot more, then my job is done.


It's all will power related, same with munchies. Fighting munchies is 10000x harder if you are stoned, than just giving up junk food normally. Same with running, it makes you really not want to run, but if you have strong enough willpower you can just force yourself to do it and make yourself do it, I think it's a mental weakness getting lazy after you smoke, it's all mental.


I used to go to work stoned everyday single day for 10 yrs... It didn't make it "fun"


Not everyone is stupid.

Unbelievable for what? For what purpose?

What kind of results? What make those results amazing? I could buy into this "making it less suck a lot less", but it still begs the questions of whether it sucked so much because you were really doing it, or simply because your conditioning sucked (or still sucks).

Without an exact description of what is it that you are doing, for what purpose, what your original conditioning was and what your conditioning is now, this post of yours is pretty stupid, uninformative and without any redeemable value.

What else was it in your post? That you train while high? So what? Not all training is equal, and many people's idea of "training" is not training at all.

What else was it in your post? A question if others do the same? In this world full of whackos, it's very possible that others do the same?

Did you expect someone (or worse, a lot) here will say "yes" to your question? What an intelligent assumption brother.

I'm sure you will go places with this training method of yours, a gold medal in the HIIT olympics. /sarcasm


Why don't you use the mental power that fights the 10,000x harder munchies on not smoking it in the first place? Makes sense to me!


Should have waited a year to join, or should have joined earlier instead of lurking...fuck..Shoobey go die in a pit.


Haha, so wait, you use a pipe or bong?

This thread fails... I do not have any motivation to do anything besides talk when stoned. :S


bong. just 2 quick ones then out the door before I have a chance to get lazy


Try heroine next time and report back how that works for you.


I just go outside and jog for 60 seconds, and then sprint at full effort for 30 seconds, and I do that for 15 minutes. I have actually thought about the possibility that I am not actually training like I am think due to being stoned, but you dont get that out of it from smoking, you are still fully aware of what is going on. I still feel absolutely dead and like I am about to vomit afterwards regardless, it just makes it a little more pleasant and tolerable while you are doing it.

Something about the combination a THC high and runnner's high. At certain points what usually is pure intense pain feels good, and that doesn't happen to me during sober HIIT. Take it for what it is, but if you guys pride yourself on having such strong will and mental discipline, get your ass out of the couch next time you smoke and try it and maybe you will understand what I mean.