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Doing HIIT in the afternoon?

I’ve read that HIIT is best done in the morning for fat loss but i’ve also read it doesn’t matter when you do it and that doing it in the morning burns more muscle.
So is there a difference? I planned on doing it anywhere from 11AM-3PM.

Pre HIIT is just whey and water fine, post HIIT should you wait to eat a few hours?

HIIT primarily works by creating an oxygen debt which increases metabolism all day long. Having said that, it is best conducted in the morning (after breakfast), but if that is not a possibility (which I’ve never really spoken to anyone in which it REALLY wasn’t), then doing it in the afternoon is your next best choice.


Joel, why does the time of day affect things?


Ok, I think i’ll do it around 10 around 11 then after I eat. What should the breakfast meal be? Just protein and water, maybe some good fats? I’m trying to lean out now so i’m going low carbs.

How long do you wait to eat after HIIT? What’s best to eat then?


And since i’m trying to lean out, how many carbs should I take in?
I’m around 170lbs, should I go for around 100g, 150g, less or more?

It’s best done in the morning to get the most from the boost in metabolism during waking hours. Later in the day, the metabolism slows and during sleep, it hits rock bottom; performing the session close to these times isn’t optimal.

As far as what to eat around the session, send me an email as I have written an entire article (all referenced) on the subject.


PM’d you, couldn’t find your email.