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Doing good mornings, bar moves around

I’m rather new to good mornings and i’m wondering how you guys deal with the bar rolling forward up to your neck?

Do you hold it tightly in place with your hands or ?

Maybe i’m bending over too far, don’t think so though. Just noticed that the weight would roll forward right near the bottom of the motion and it’s not easy to hold it there since that direction isn’t the strong point for the hands/arms…

I set it in the groove between my traps and where the posterior deltoid comes out and it never moves. It’s not like I let go of it but it doesn’t feel like it would move much.

I had the same problem except the bar would roll down my back.

When you set the bar up on your back to do the lift, squeeze your shoulderblades together real tightly and then find the spot between your traps and posterior delts. Also, keep your head up while doing them. Keeping your head up might be the solution since you said it was rolling up onto your neck.

Hmm, in thinking about it maybe I didnt squeeze my shoulder blades together enough.

I did have my head up, that is what kept the bar from rolling onto my cervical portion of spine.

I just noticed it moved a lot and couldn’t really hold it in place with my hands very well.

cary the bar low on your back, tuck your elbows real hard, and push the bar into your back as you decent…Good luck Big martin

I see quite a few people doing good mornings these day and are placing the bar on there upper traps or even neck.
Try to keep the bar sitting nice and low, you’ll need a wide hand placement to hold onto the bar too. at the bottom of the lift the bar shouldnt be rolling anywhere but feel tight.