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Doing GOMAD for Weight Gain


Have done it once before about a year ago and gained about 18 lbs in 2 months. Was good weight and was very happy. I stopped lifting (girlfriend) and lost all the muscle and weight I gained. I am doing GOMAD again and on my second day. Hope to get some support from everyone and if anyone has any tips, I will be willing to try. Thanks.


I have a tip. Don't stop lifting.


What the fu....


Here's a tip; don't stop weight lifting again.


Hey dude, here's a tip: Don't stop li-

Aw, shit.




The only tip I have for you is:

Don't stop lifting weights. If your girlfriend doesn't like te gym then just turn gay and get a buff gay boyfriend who loves pounding the weights and your anus, that way you won't have to stop working out. Problem solved.




Getting a mustache will help with this.


Oh, I think I get it now. He stopped lifting his girlfriend once he could advance to lifting barbells.


The Morale of the Story:

Lift weights... or you're gay


dear lord.....HES RIGHT!


mmmm GOMAD the first time a tried this the thought of drinking a galleon of milk a day was unthinkable but now I can chug down 3 or 4 if i feel like it.


thanks for the tips!!!!!!!!!! very helpful...
but really ya stupid to quit.

4th day through it and still going strong.


if you want real advice (the advice given was true) you need to be more specific about what you want. and keep lifting!


video or GTFO



awwwwwwwww I just ruined another pair of perfectly good pants.


Don't you know that brunchy Benny doesn't have a camera? He said he will never post pictures or videos.

4 gallons of milk a day? That's 34 POUNDS OF MILK!!! bull-fucking-shit you drink that much a day


just want some advice on putting on weight. Obviously GOMAD is a start, but was just wondering what foods I should target. I usually eat spoonfuls of peanut butter, but I also take no protein as of now. Should I be taking more protein on top of the 128 grams I am taking from the milk?


I think bunny was being sarcastic.