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Doing Forever Programs with Lower Back Injury Rehab


I am currently Running SVR 2 . I have some lower back issues. Essentially nerve pain. Past 3 months I lower squat and deadlift maxes significantly to try to get time to recover and work my way back up. Squatting goes Well lately. But i still don’t feel overly confident deadlifting.
So i following the programs, but i Often deadlift only with 5 PRO and skip the supplemental widow maker, bbs etc… sometimes I manage 2 x fsl sets before i feel some discomfort and stop the lift.
My question . I add my poundages each cycle. I still can finish my deadlift 5 pro pretty Easy. But i Cant handle much volume with it yet. Should I increase the TM on deadlift also? Or keep it as is, untill im fully healed?

This really bothers me. I feel like strength wise, the deadlifts go up like nothing. It’s just the lower back which restrains me from lifting more. I go to a PT , he doubts I got a herniated or bulged disc. As I have no radiating pain and I pass all of his tests without any pain.

Another question. Can I add another supplemental lift for bench as assistance on the press day? Like tempo bench or spoto press? As I benefit Well doing bit more frequency at high Ish intensity for the bench.

Last question. How do you brace optimally for deadlifts and squats? Any suggesties? Do you arch lower back? Or not. I read a lot of pro and contra stuff online.

Thx for the help

When you take full accountability for any injury that may come from the decisions you make around training then the answer will be clear. As Jim says, if there’s doubt then there is no doubt.

Right now, it smacks of you wanting to do something and shopping around until you find the answer you want to hear.

How old are you? Given that your username starts with grumpy I wonder if you are older, as I am (I’m 58).

I have had occasional sciatic problems as I get older and find (in my case) that these are related to insufficient stretching and mobility work. I now stretch twice a day and it keeps everything good and loose.

You haven’t given any other details, but it might be as simple as dealing with mobility issues with the right kind of stretching program.

You might try to find a PT that works with athletes, especially powerlifters or weightlifters. When my son had an issue, we managed to find a PT that was a former strength coach, and he was able to take care of my son’s problems very efficiently.

Your mileage may vary, but I recommend getting assistance from a PT that understands squats and deadlifts. Otherwise, if it were me, I would just do as much as I could without generating any discomfort and otherwise let it heal.

Im not as old as my nickname suggests. Im 32. I stretch more Often also. And idd it helps. The hours after a good stretch I feel much relief. My PT couldn’t find anything obvious. But he noticed 2 things. I have weak inner abs and I have very shortened hamstrings. Also I have a rather severe lordosis . He gave me a list of exercise I need to perform on my offdays. And told me I could keep squatting and deadlifting in the pain free zone. I have good days , where I feel like 8 out of 10. But i have flare ups also. Overall it’s going a bit better. Every month it gets a bit better. But i don’t dare to deadlift heavy for now as I still feel discomfort when performing that movement.

Btw got my injury BT performing good morning squats.