Doing Dumb Stuff as a College Kid

Movement/Extra work:

3 rounds:
5 NG chins
10 L/R BSS
10 pushups


Juggeryoke: W1D1

Time: 80mins

Log clean and press (2 min max rest) 155: 4x3, 6x2
NG chins: 55x5x3
PA: 5x20

Front squat (30 sec rest): 225x10x1
PA: 5x20

Leg raise/10 lat shrug: 5xAMRAP
Dips: 35x5x3


  • The biggest issue with the log press was finding that groove to be able to come from overhead to front rack. I finally got it towards the end but used it for practice doubles since triples were doable but not every set. @Koestrizer your tips really helped for the press work!
  • Front squat went to shit. I was so fatigue in the upper back from log and chins. I was shocked. I’ll dop it down next session
  • Dips were also a victim of the fatigue from log. I’ve never done that many sets of log so it was a learning experience.
  • @T3hPwnisher This was hard in a heavier way instead of a fast pace way. I really enjoyed it!
  • Also the lat shrugs will be staying. Those are super cool
  • Another random note. I’ve found my life really comes together when I have a comp to train for. I have no idea why but it’s probably because the training sessions mean more so I do everything in my power to ensure I have more great/good ones than bad ones
  • Lastly since @atlas13 made me google what a power beard was a couple months ago, I’m going to let mine grow until the comp. There’s no way it doesn’t add 10lbs to my log press

Great to hear you’re enjoying it dude! Jamie comes up with some awesome programs.

On the power beard, be cautious as it relates to the log. Seen a lotta dudes get their beards trapped, haha.


Juggeryoke: W1D2

20min BW stuff

5x3 Hammer curl
5x3 reverse crusher


Juggeryoke W1D3

Bench: long pause 190x1x6
Back off: 135x20,12
13in DL: work up to 365x1
Hercules Hold: 41sec 3 plates per side
Log Incline bench: work up to 207.5x1
Back circuit
3 min squatting: 135


  • Went off plan because I was lifting with a friend. Will just backlog the other work later in the week (split between saturday and friday)
  • I lost count on back squat. Today was just about surviving. Will be switching to SSB for this because of shoulder issue (torn right labrum doesn’t like this)
  • @T3hPwnisher @simo74 @Koestrizer do y’all have advice for getting a stronger 13in DL? This seems to be the hardest variation for me and just looking for some outside advice! Thanks!

Back when I was actually lifting real weights, I did all my training at 13 inches. Was doing mat pulls for 5 with 395 + 35 lbs of chains.

What worked well for me was touch-n-go sets of 5. Just maintain the time under tension for a long time.

Programming I was doing two sets of 5: a top set and a backoff 10% lighter. No accessory work. But I’d really say you could program however, just get the TUT. @T3hPwnisher’s ROM progression would work well here; same basic idea though of just lots of volume under tension.


Thanks! I’ll keep this in mind for my actual 13in DL day!

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Glad they did! My pleasure

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I don’t tend to do any block pulls or higher bar deadlift variations so won’t comment. I will say my go to in regards training for or getting stronger in a new movement, is just to train the movement.

@T3hPwnisher and @Koestrizer should have you covered.


For pulls from height, the key for me is to be patient. Don’t exert yourself trying to break the floor as soon as possible. Stick with it, when it feels glued to the ground until it suddenly does come up and you can accelerate. Kinda what I’m told sumo is supposed to be.

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Well to be honest, I only ever did one elevated deadlift in competition. It was an 18" deadlift with a stiff bar. I barely trained it leading up to the comp because two weeks prior I did a show with a standard deadlift. I hit 600 lbs at the 18" deadlift with a good bit in the tank, which was a really good result for me. So I guess a variation like that suits me very well.
I didn’t do any elaborate program for it though. Just did it a few times leading up to the comp. I would have to go back in my log to last year, but similar to @LoRez I did a top set and then back offs. Although I did less reps on the top set and kept everything pretty sub maximal. 260 was the most I did in prep and that moved easily for a single.
For me the hardest part is breaking the inertia and getting that thing moving, while being patient. So for me, touch and go wouldn’t be a good fit, I think.


Appreciate the nod and all the votes of confidence from @LoRez and @simo74 . ROM progression is absolutely my solution, because you get stronger from all sorts of areas of ROM, and you’ll learn how to become better at all sorts of different vantage points. The partial dead can hamstring those dudes who like to pull explosively, because they tend to bypass this part of the pull by just blasting through it off the floor. I’m similar when it comes to hang cleans: I can power clean more than I can hang clean because I get a “running start”.

I like chains on the deadlift as well: gets you used to the weight getting even heavier as you pull.


Thanks for the responses: @Koestrizer @simo74 @T3hPwnisher and @LoRez

This is what I’ve noticed with my deadlifts. I’ve never missed it mid lift but I just won’t be able to break it off the ground

Never would have guessed I have the same problems explosive pullers do! I really want to try out the matt pull progression. I’m thinking I’ll stick with linear progression for this comp because it has worked in the past but I want to try out the matt pulls possibly during my Feast/Famine post comp!

Juggeryoke: W1D4

10 rounds:
10 Reverse curls: 70lbs
10 V-bar pushdowns: 30lbs
10 HLR


  • I noticed during the finding the weight phase that what was challenging on reverse curls was too much and hurt my elbows for skull crushers. Just made more sense to use a different tricep isolation movement versus using the same weight for both.
  • I have been feeling sort of beat up and weird to this adjust period of the program. My upper back has been hammered but it was obviously a weakness!
  • I’ve been having some weird stuff going on with my hips. I think it’s due to sitting all day with classes but these HLR have been doing wonders for it. They might become a go to when I’m in class. I would much rather be moving around more than sitting on my ass

Life notes:

  • Been spending time with friends more and more. It’s definitely worth the extra work to make time. We started our little day trips back up and it’s been a blast.
  • Starting to take batdog to the dog park once a week. Talking to random people is fun

Ended up taking a large nap this afternoon and missed my normal training time. Just moving the day. If my body wants that much sleep, I’ll let it

@T3hPwnisher Deleted a Large pizza in 13 minutes. I’m thinking about getting a job at domino’s for employe discounts


That does look good

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This would be SUCH a champion meathead move! It worked for Ronnie Coleman! I’m trying to get my local BBQ place to do the same for me, haha.


Juggeryoke W1D5

Squat: 275x15x1
Press: 120: 8,6,6,4
13in DL: 275x8x3
Back offs: 235: 10,6,6
RH 140: 20,16


  • Low back was fried from squatting because my hips did not loosen until later in the sets
  • I found my groove on 13in DL
  • Press went very well
  • Lackluster strongman saturday. No one doing event work just hanging and lifting

Juggeryoke W2D1

Time: 90mins

Log C/P: 155x10x3
NG Chins: 65x5x3
PA: 5x20

Front squat: 205x10x3
PA: 5x20

Dips: 45x5x3
HLR/10 Lat shrugs: 5xAMRAP


  • Was still feeling beat up from Saturday so I took my time to warm up
  • Everything felt amazing. Log went well and front squat
  • Once again beardless. Guard fell off when trimming my chin area. Not a good look so just clean shaven
  • I like the stubble beard look the most or at longest the one @tlgains complimented. No worries though it’ll be at stubble length in a few days
  • Slept 12 hours and needed 400mg of caffeine to feel human today.
  • Got a blender so gaining is going to sky rocket

Leaving this here because it’s pretty great. I’m a fan of table talk but at this point I don’t care to hear training methods discussed but the phycological stuff will never not be interesting to me.

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Juggeryoke W2D2

20 min BW work (Chins, dips, BSS, GHR)

HLR/10 lat shrug: 5xAMRAP (straighter legs)

KB hammer curl: 35lbs: 5x3
Skullcrusher: 70lb: 5x3


  • I found that going over my head and touching the bench makes skullcrushers not feel like shit. Will be thrown in on the other arm day
  • Lots of control and pause work on bodyweight to get blood flowing. Had a nicer pump
  • My roommate and I were talking about fitness and stuff last night. I forget how much the general population doesn’t know about this stuff. Always interesting to see that be brought to fruition. I found an old thread on here that mentioned something about not making our goal someone else’s. That was an interesting thread
  • To the JM podcast, he was talking about enjoying the journey and I realized that hard training makes me enjoy the journey a lot more. I think this is my biggest gripe with 5/3/1 is that programs with 5’s pro just don’t feel hard enough for me. Again I think this goes back to when I have the time and focus to be an athlete versus just general training. I will say I always seem to enjoy life more when I’m doing a hard programming that takes a lot for me but I have one night a week to unwind and stay up late.
  • I bought a year subscription to headspace. I enjoy some free guided mediation sessions on youtube more but the over UI and putting me in the mind frame of “I’m getting on this app to meditate or work” really is what makes the difference. Buying the subscription is just so I have skin in the game (It’s also $35 for a year).
  • ECON exam later today. Pretty ready for it