Doing Dumb Stuff as a College Kid

Great forst showing! Happy to read that you enjoyed the show and are continuing on this path. It sounds like it was a great comp

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Thanks! It was definitely way better than my first comp because I could actually be competitive in the weight class (they combined novice lightweight and heavyweight at my first). It was a really fun show!

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Overhead (Power)

Time: 70 mins

Warm up:
Agile 8
Pull ups

GS1: 90 sec rest
Chins: 25x8, 45x6, 55x4
Log C&P (strict press style): 100x8, 115x6, 130x5
8 Burpees: III
8 Windshield wipers: III

Assistance: 6 rounds

  • :30 sec Z press: 3 rounds x 75, 3 rounds x 65
  • 30 sec Lat raise: 3 rounds x 20, 3 rounds x 15
  • 30 sec Face pull: 3 rounds x 20, 3 rounds x 10
  • 30 sec rest

AMRAP 10 Min: 3 rounds complete
35LB KB waiters walk: 100FT
5 burpees

10minxE2MOM (5 rounds):
SB Carry: 150lbsx100ft


  • Holy shit that was hard. Lots of on the fly decisions to keep me in the fight. Pretty fun, pretty draining, and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a while training
  • Good pump. The giant set format is cool. My conditioning is not where I thought but it will get better
  • Might be some changes in programming because another lightweight competitor (who’s pretty strong) offered to show me stuff and train with me. BASP will always be here, that opportunity may not be. Be Like Water. We will see what happens

Just caught up with the competition writeup. That looked like a lot of fun.

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Congrats on that showing for your first comp dude! Definitely putting in the work and it shows.

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It was way more fun than my first one! Actually being competitive is what makes the fun!

Thanks! I really appreciate the compliment!

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Deadlift (Hypertrophy)

Strongman Conditioning:
5 rounds start at the top of 90 seconds:
50 ft:
350lbs Yoke
155lbs Farmers

Giant set 1: 90 sec rest
4 Burpee Broad Jump
13in DL: 265x10, 310x8, 350xMISS
1 min Long Lever Plank: 3
1 min 150lb sandbag hold: 3

Assistance: 4 rounds: 90sec rest after all complete
265x5 Paused Deadlift
40 sec row: Right (av. 20 reps @ 55lbs)
20 sec rest
40 sec row: Left (av. 20 reps @ 55lbs)
1 min plank

12 roundsx20 sec rest: Zercher squat 120x3


  • Strongman Conditioning took it out of me for the 13in DL. I probably need to lower training max. I will
  • Figured out what I did wrong on this day. I thought I used 390 as the max but I used the comp pull of 440 as the max. 310 should have been the top set. Running a TM of 90% for lower body main lifts.



Time: 52:10

Warm up:
Walk the dogs
Reverse Hypers

GS1: 90 sec rest: 3 rounds
Power Row: 155x10, 185x8, 205x6
CGBP: 115x10, 125x8, 145x10
Laying Leg Raise: 3x10
Bike 30 sec: 3

Assistance: 4 rounds: 90 sec rest
Seated Pin Press (nose level): 80x10
Dips: 15 (2 rounds raw, 2 rounds with bands)
20 extensions
20 Face pulls

Strongman Conditioning:
At the top of Every Minute:
5 Burpees
Strict Log Press (85lbs) until 50 reps
Completed: 15 burpees and 15 log presses (DNF)
I was smoked


  • What the actual fuck is that conditioning. My triceps were smoked and I was upset I couldn’t finish it but after 13 reps of log, I knew the end was near
  • The pin press is probably what I need
  • Rows were from the floor without a belt or straps. Feels good for a power movement. Not necessarily a back stimulus
  • Grades are all B’s heading into finals. I’ll take it because classes were harder and life was busier. Still room for improvement

Welcome to strongman. LMAO

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Extra work

Soft tissue/Mobility- 30 mins

2x10- Touchdown squats
2x5- banded clam shell planks


  • Really feeling beat up and was looking for a reason not to lift. I have time tomorrow so I moved the session from today

Hey man, whenever I start having aches and pains usually a few days off completely does me good. I know how hard it is to take days off

Could use the next few days to recover and load up on that good ass thanksgiving food and left overs haha

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Time: 66mins

Warm up:
Light foam rolling
2x3 (5 sec hold): Banded clamshell plank
2x10 touchdown squat

GS1: 90sec rest
4 24” box jump
Squat: 155x12,175x10,205x8
1 min wall sit
20 dead bugs

Assistance: 12EMOM
65lb SSB
Even: 3 BSS each side
Odd: 10 good mornings

Deck of cards: 25min cap
47/52 Complete
74 Burpees
64 Pull-ups
95 100lb rows
95 100lb RDL


30 push ups
1 hill sprint
30 squats


  • That’s all. Didn’t want to do anything and made myself do 1 to see how I felt. Better than nothing


@T3hPwnisher I got a copy of purposeful primitive today. Holy crap, I have never spent the whole day reading (except today) but this is hands down one of my favorite things I have ever read on training.


Hell yeah dude! It was the same when I first read it. Can’t put it down. Glad you are enjoying it.

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This made me smile. It really is a good book.

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GS1: 90 sec rest
3 SB over shoulder: III
Axle DL: 185x12, 220x10, 255x8
10 rollout: III
:30 sec SB pick 150lb: III

10min AMRAP:
175lb each hand Farmers walk 50ft
6 Rounds

Assistance: AMRAP 12 mins (4 rounds)
8 GM- 105lbs
12 GHR
10 KB Rows: 60lbs

Frame Deadlift: 255lbs
1min- 2 reps, 2min 4 reps, etc.
6 mins. 42 reps


  • Could have gone heavier on the rows
  • Overall good day
  • Stretching hip flexors helped speed. Stolen from Josh Bryant.
  • Had a misload on 220x10. Pulled it and realized I had loaded 10lbs on the left side instead of 15. Didn’t feel the need to repeat the set and moved on with my life.


GS1: 90 sec
WG pull-up: 15,11,9
Axle clean and press: 110x10 (strict), 125x8, 145x6
8 Burpees
Red BTT: 6 each side

Assistance: 4 rounds. 90 sec rest
L 100ft waiters walk: 20lb
10 BTN Press: 75x1 (rounds), 65x2, 45x5
R 100ft waiters walk: 20lb
10 BTN Press: 75x1 (rounds), 65x2, 45x5

Strongman conditioning: 14:36
12-1 SB over shoulder (100b)


  • I’m loving the challenge of this program style. I find something new about myself and my ability to flip the switch and lock in during the working set is getting amazing
  • Could have done like maybe 2 more on the top set of press but conditioning is the limiting factor. It’s improving quickly though

It’s heartbreaking I’m out of sticker space on my training notebook. This kinda serves as a space where I can see who and what influences my training. Some stickers from friends, one from the strongman gym, and a couple from bells of steel. Thought it was interesting to log in case I lose the notebook


Extra work

Agile 8

20 min stationary bike


  • it’s funny how challenging the stationary bike is because it is boring