Doing Dumb Stuff as a College Kid


5 rounds: 4:47

  • 5 chins
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 squats

Limber 11

3 rounds: 2:49

  • 5 chins
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 lunges each leg


  • apparently rich piana is my contact photo in one of my coworkers phones. Feels kinda cool
  • Noticing the growth in my body. People are complimenting me. An old guy was flexing his bicep and pointing at me at work. Another guy said “You are built solid”. Feels pretty good

5/3/1 C6W1D1

Time: 5:12-6:18 (66mins)

OHP: 90x5, 105x5, 115x11 (pr by 1 rep)
120 Pullaparts
Log clean and press: 25 reps at 85lbs, 25 reps at 105lbs
Row: 165x16,15,15
OH Tricep Extension: 15: 14,10,9
Rear Delt/lateral delt: 15x3x20
Poundstone: 50


  • Switching back to morning sessions
  • Happy with performance because I’ve improved my OHP
  • Log was done with a strict press at the top. Hammering those triceps
  • Morning sessions suck because having to go to bed earlier but it really improves my day. I know I will miss out on late night activities cut it’s a question of what I want more
  • I’m super proud of myself. We got back to my house late this weekend and wanted to celebrate my friends birthday. I had work the next morning so I didn’t party hard! Total shift in mindset! I just hung out with them and went to bed at 12:30AM

Awesome! Nice work.

This made me laugh: A young dude’s definition of “having to go to bed earlier” and an old(-er) dude’s definition are apparently VERY different.

Way to get it done!


Don’t get me wrong. I was asleep on the couch before everyone came over and woke up because I thought someone was breaking in!

Most nights I’m out by 9pm so seeing past 10:30 is rare


5/3/1 C6W1D2

Time: 36 mins

13in DL: 215x5, 245x5, 280x15
Chin: 25lb: 10,6,3,3,3
RH:180: 26,25


  • Didn’t have time to lift before my 7:30 and spent all day working out my outline for a speech
  • Didn’t follow what I had programmed but holy shit this was fun. Blast some music, hit some weights, and get a pump doing chin ups
  • To the above, I read on Wendler’s forum that all those old lifting videos he has posted came from a time when he was just doing a main lift with pr sets, then simple assistance (dips and chins or abs and low back) and pushing the prowler 3x a week. Maybe I just need some simplicity like this for a while. Might give this a shot after the comp


5 rounds: 6:33

  • 5 chins
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 BSS each leg


  • Focused on the execution of each movement. Felt pretty good. Have a weird pain in forearm

5/3/1 C6W1D3

Time: 55 mins

Clean: 115x5, 130x5, 150x5
Squat: 155x5, 180x5, 200x10
40 chins
Dips: 25lb: 12,9,9
RDL: 185: 15,10,10,5


  • Will complete BSS and kroc rows later
  • First time getting up at 4:15 this morning. Was a sleep by 8:30 last night so that’s good
  • I would like to be doing less shit in the gym. I get this is contest prep so everything needs to take longer but I want to go back to smashing a PR set and hitting some cool accessories for a little bit
  • PR Set from today really demonstrated bar speed. I felt it slow down on the last rep and probably could grind out a few more but I actually felt the stimulus in my legs. Lessened learned but I probably could have gotten more
  • I kept telling myself “Fast and strong” and that’s how all my reps looked
  • Early morning workouts feel so cool. I do notice that not having to hit a main session during the day helps with my school work. Also going to bed early keeps me from bullshitting during the day. While it maybe hard and sort of isolating, it feels like the right path
  • officially switching to focusing on Pre-PA school instead of Pre-PT school. Most of the classes are on that course path so it’s not big deal

Krocs and squats:

Time: 23mins
Warm up: Super bears (65lbs) 3,2,1

SSB BSS: 45x8, 65x8, 85x10
Kroc rows: 90lbs: Strapless: R&L: 25, Strapped R&L: 20


  • I think the back loaded BSS might be a good move. Will keep the load lower and do like 2-3 sets since it is single leg work. 85lbs was to test the water out. I could probably hit it for 3x8 easily
  • Kroc’s were a PR
  • Super bears are the bear complex with an overhead squat thrown in every time the bar is overhead (got the idea from Jamie Lewis)

Having literally just tried any kind of overhead squat yesterday, this move sounds like the best Worst Idea ever! (Or is that worst Best Idea?)

Nice work on the Kroc row PRs, too.

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Speaking of this, I guess I could turn the overhead squat into a squat jerk. Why? Just because lol

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Press: BARx5, 65x3, 95x3, Switch to cambered bar, Barx5, 105x3- 125x3- 145x1- 165x1,1- 130x3,3,5
Farmers/Yoke: 210/85, 390/175x2
Sandbag: 150x3,3,10


  • Was beat up from kroc rows and split squats. Explains yoke and farmers walk. Decided on the 2 sets to keep the pattern
  • Cambered bar Push Press was to emulate the instability of the yoke at the top. I’m feeling confident that I can hit the weight in comp
  • I really enjoy this day
  • Getting Jamaican for dinner and will post the pics
  • I added the single cue idea on push press and sandbag. The que was just “Fast”. I felt all the sets fly up


Tabata bike sprints:
8 rounds (4 min)


Tabata bear complexes 65lb:
8 rounds (3 per round average)


5/3/1 C6W2D1

Time: 49 mins

Ohp: 85x5, 100x5, 110x12, 85x3x10
100 PA
Log clean and press: 105lb: 10,5,5
Row: 165: 20,17,15
OH extension: 15: 15,13,11
RD/LD: 3x15/15
Poundstone: 51


  • This was a really good session. The volume OHP did more to address the tricep weakness so I’ll keep that in
  • Higher reps seem to be a potent stimulus again. Might be eyeballing something like 531 BBB for a leader and then OG 531 for anchor
  • Made the session more efficient by warming up when i took the dogs out in the morning. Just push ups and squats but I was warm walking into the session. Lower body might need more to be warm enough
  • First bio exam later today
  • Got an 83 before a curve on the bio exam!

5/3/1 C6W2D2

Time: 45 mins

13DL: 200x5, 230x5, 265x10
Chins: 25lbx4x10
ATG SS: 15lbx2x10
Ghd/Incline sit up: 25lbx4x15
Rh: 180x25,20


  • Burpees, hanging leg raises, over/unders, and Cossack squats for warm ups while letting the dogs go to the bathroom
  • Anatomy exam today. Feeling good going into it


Death by Sandbag squat: 150lb bag 10 rounds (55 reps)


  • Got a C on my anatomy exam. Now I know how to prepare and get ready for the next ones
  • @T3hPwnisher if the offer is still available, i would like to take you up on going halfsies on the Jamie lewis stuff

Will definitely make it happen. My schedule is nuts right now, but when I get a moment to breathe I can sort it out. Or if you have a venmo, if you let me know what the total cost is I can route you some funds.

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I’m cool with doing this. Can we go through email to iron out the details? I’d rather not post my venmo on here