Doing Dumb Stuff as a College Kid

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531 c1w3d1

Agile 8
3x3 vertical jump
2x8 35lb goblet squat

Main work (1s): 20:19
Squat: 255x5, 205x20 (super squats style)

Bronson work (20lb vest): 13:45
5 rounds

  • 15 BSS (per leg)
  • 6 pull ups
  • 15 push-ups


  • Used some surge today to help counteract the sinus infection starting. With that I’m on a slurry of claritin and Mucinex D
  • To the above point. That shitty feeling in the morning with a cold is making my day a little harder to get going but I must do what needs to be done
  • Squat topset legitimately flew. Best set I’ve ever hit and I cut it short because I know the next time I hit that weight I can beat it
  • Squat supplement was done super squat style to prep for super squats next cycle. I’m feeling stronger and better conditioned to fully complete the routine
  • Had a lesser degree angle out with my toes and it felt way more powerful
  • First exam today and got a 98%
  • Squat topset (5 reps total. Had to cut some out bc file size):

Nice squats dude


Well done. Keep it up.


531 c1w3d2

Weight: 174.8lbs

No walk run this morning (might come later)

Main work (1s week): 29:54
Bench: 190x5, 150x20(8,6,6)
30 GHR
Cable rows: 50x5x10

Bronson work to come later


  • Feeling kinda bloated and like i’m retaining more water with the meds i’m on
  • My sinuses aren’t on fire when I breathe in today but my body was feeling beat up. Decided to break up the bronson work and main work becuase A. I’ll be looking for something to do later that’s not studying B. lots of head pressure from bench and that’s not groovy
  • Overall having less direct sinus issues vs a holistic head cold

For a total walk on the wildside, ever think DoggCrapp? You’ll get in some Widowmaker squats that way

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Not going to lie I had been looking into that. Just unsure of how long it will take to complete the sessions. I wouldn’t assume they are long. Do you know if conditioning work plays nicely with it?

Hell running that for a couple cycles might just put me in a great spot to do super squats

Dante was big on incline treadmill walking

Doggcrapp, unlike HIT and some other all-or-nothing training philosophies, includes regular cardio. Trudel recommends that most guys start off with three to four 30-minute sessions of low-intensity cardio on non-training days.

“We usually do it before breakfast so we use fat instead of glycogen for energy,” SM said.

What about high-intensity interval training, or martial arts, or sports in general?

“If you think you can do HIIT or MMA, or even play flag football on the weekends, then you’re out of your mind,” SM explained. “The training is just way too intense to be able to do any of that on your off-days.”

I’d say 60 minutes for a workout would be about right. Possibly longer, depending on warm-up sets. I really like DC as a paradigm breaker.

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Thanks. I’ll look into it for sure!

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1.5 mile run: 14:36 (distance and time up for debate)

Bronson work (20lb vest): 12:16
5 Rounds

  • 10 KBS (50lbs)
  • 6 pull-ups
  • 15 push-ups


  • This ended up being a good overcoming day. After this mornings session, I legitimately fell asleep on the couch. Luckily the dog woke me up so I could get to class. Ended up skipping out on my last class, so I could study and rest for my bio exam tomorrow
  • Everything was telling me to take it easy today (couldn’t focus in class, felt like time was flying by me) but I needed to do a 1.5 mile run for my kinesiology class
  • For the run, I’m willing to bet my life I ran further and faster than what my watch told me. Just by knowing my neighborhood, It was probably close to 1.8-2.0 miles bc of the amount of time I had to run the whole neighborhood. Also brought bat dog with me on this one
  • Bronson work used KBS to give my knees a break
  • Thinking of getting BBQ tonight to heal my soul and body from this sickness

531 c1w3d3

Weight: 174.2 (Had a few bottles of water this morning but sweated out a lot)

Bronson work (BW): 15:50
10 Rounds

  • 10 BSS (each leg) (5 rounds)
  • 10 50lb KBS (5 rounds
  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 push ups


  • With this sinus infection and humidity (98%), I felt like I couldn’t breathe and took slightly longer to finish
  • Left knee is a little achy assuming because of the shear amount of split squats I suddenly started doing

531 c1w3d3

100 hamstring curls (red band0
100 TKE on RH (90lbs)
100 RH- 230lbs (32,35,33)
Poundstone curls (50lb axle)- 35


  • Officially jumping to 10 lbs on each side of the axle because that’s the “normal” weight of an axle. Going from 30lb to 50lbs is a whole world of difference
  • Fumbled the bag on my bio exam (72%). I put more effort into the more complex stuff but it ended up not being on the exam, kinda been feeling in a haze with this sinus infection, and started studying a week out from this exam but all this is not an excuse and I am going to do better
  • Lastly, I’m proud of the fact I fought off the urge to want to do a heavy and high rep squat session as “punishment” for not doing to hot on my exam

holding you to it.


Appreciate it!

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531 c1w3d5

Didn’t check weight

Main work (1s): 21.11
Ohp: 135x4, 105x14
Rows (high and wide): 50x5x10

Bronson work (20lb vest): 14:53 (not a pr but given the circumstances I’m content)
5 rounds

  • 15 BSS (each leg)
  • 6 pull-ups
  • 15 push-ups


  • I think press is feeling the impact of the cut so keep TM the same for next cycle
  • Put knee sleeves on for the Bronson work. Apparently I’ve out grown my knee sleeves a lot because they were a fight to get on and completely threw off my BSS because of the amount of bounce I was getting coming up. Took them off to finish 4 rounds
  • I can tell I’m almost over the sinus stuff. Makes lifting harder but if I push through it’s fine
  • Bat dog has been trouble this week but then she does this and it’s hard to be mad at her

Dogs… I swear they know when they are being cute.

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More Kinesiology Class testing

1-Mile Walk test
1 Mile - 14:54 (116BPM)


  • I was freaking out because the 1.5 mile run test put me at a VO2 max of 37 which is very poor
  • This test would be a lot more accurate (with in reason. It’s definitely not scientific) just because of specificity and being able to breath. I get a lot of walking in with the dogs. Ended up at 51 for VO2 max
  • Used apple watch and couldn’t get above 119BPM without jogging
  • Almost decided to switch courses and run a cycle focusing heavily on conditioning put I think I’m pretty OK

531 c1w3d5

Banded KB swings: 3x3
Deadlifts: 305x5 (super fast and crisp)


  • Going to do the rest of my lifting later. Didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast this morning and I’m hungry enough to where it’s impacting my lifting (lightheaded and everything feels harder)

531 c1w3d5

Decided to go off plan and do something stupid since I’ll be having a lot of high calorie food tomorrow (damn boudin king cakes)

BSS Dropset of death: 8 sec hold between sets: 35x8, 30x8, 25x8, BWx25 (Each leg)
GHR: 10-1 (Rest pause max of 12 breaths between set
RH: 100lbs for 100 reps without stopping


  • Will catch bronson work in morning
  • I “enjoyed” leg day
  • The RH was definitely challenge even though light
  • Ended up actually getting an 80% on my bio exam with a curve. Still shitty but I feel a lot better knowing I wasn’t the only one who struggled

531 c1w3d6

Bronson work (BW): 11:47
10 rounds

  • 10 BSS (each leg)
  • 5 chins
  • 10 push ups


  • Long day of riding in a parade ahead
  • Noticed mindset shift last night at dinner. Went to a mexican restaurant and I avoided the chips and tortillas willingly!
  • Granted I abstained to save room for this boudin king cake today