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Doing don't diet diet, however afraid it will make me fatter?

OK I did the eating massive formulas. I also did the blood tests. I tested out in the extremely good category as far as insulin response goes. So I am trying the 50% carbs, 35% prot, and 15% fat approach. I am doing it don’t diet style as I want to lose weight. I have been on it for 3 days and according to the scale I have put on 7 lbs. That scares the hell out of me however the tanata scale also says my bf% went from 23 to 20? I realize it says to stay on the diet for 6 weeks but at this rate I would be a whale by then. I am going to weigh myself once a week same time every week to monitor cals. Anyone who has experience with this diet, please help me. How long did it take to see improvement? I feel better on this diet than I have on any other diet in my life. I am having a hard time eating that damn many calories. According to the formulas I should be consuming 3421.25 per day. That is a hell of a lot. I am at 235 and 23%bf (measured by tanatia and calipers). Most likely it is my traditional diet thinking that is making this diet scare the hell out of me. I am picturing myself swimming around at sea world wondering how I got in a tank. How long should I give it before I change it and should I play with the cal or the macros first and if so in what order…?

You gained 7 lbs. and lost 3% bodyfat? Um, that’s good, however, not possible in 3 days time. Your scale is wrong, or you weighed at different times in the day or something. At your bodyweight, I would think that you would lose weight at 3400 calories day. Experiment to find out what works best and you can always adjust.

Many have stated that the calorie levels are too high on both ME and DD. I found this to be the case, but I think it was mainly due to using too high of an activity level. Other than my workouts, I do very little throughout the day. Keep the meal combining suggestions, and use the other ratios (30/40/30). If you’re at 23 percent b.f. you likely don’t have great insulin sensitivity to pull off a diet at 50 percent carbs. Try a slightly lower cal level as well. You don’t drop weight as fast on this plan, but if everything is accurate you shouldn’t be gaining either. And ditch the Tanita scale and either get a set of calipers (SlimGuides are accurate and can be obtained for approx. $30) or find someone to do it for you. Good luck!

I realize that the gain\bf change is not possible it is however a warning that things are a changing and fast. I did the measure with calipers and tanatia and they were the same only off by a factor of 1. I did measure at different times of the day the first measure was am the second was pm 3 days later. Should it change that much daily?? I am doing the proper food combinations. Previously I was eating like shit. I had a motorcycle accident and really let myself go went off the diet started eating everything and now I am headed back to myself. How long would you guys give it at a set cal level? How would you know when to change macro’s vs. cal? I realize this all sounds newbie however I have read most of the site yes literally most of the site and it seems like it all comes down to customization for the individual. Ok that being the case how do you know when to customize and by how much at a shot? Thank you all very much.

You need to keep your measurement times consistent or you will never have a good comparison. Stick with the am measurements. I’m 99% done with an article on body composition measurements for the bodybuilder that will outline everything for proper self-monitoring. Hopefully, TC will take it. Measure yourself first thing in the morning after you go to the bathroom. This will provide you with the best reliability. BTW, 7lbs in 3 days is very normal. When I’m eating 3500 cals and drinking 2 gallons of water a day, a 7 lb change from the am to pm is the norm rather than the exception. Also, by measuring bioimpedance in the am vs. pm, there are a host of factors that play a role including hydration, skin temperature, and current state of your urinary and digestive tract. Keep it simple. Stick with am measurements.


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