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Doing Dips with Longterm Shoulder Issue


I would like to ask for opinions on if it would be wise for me to be doing parallel bar dips. the reason i ask is that i have longstanding shoulder pain in my left. I have sought treatment in the form of the doctor (no use here in the uk) and osteopathic treatment. i was informed that i was fine to train that there was no great issue with my shoulder... the coclusion was a combination of tight muscles and maybe mental/neurological pain. would i be ok doing dips on a regular basis despite the ongoing pain i have? thanks


the reason i ask is because after reading several articles... they all explain that anyone with ANY pre existing shoulder issues should not dip.


If the doc says you're cleared to do it, you should be fine. Maybe do a form check to make sure you're doing it properly? If the pain is too much, stop them.


makes sense... thanks



Here's recent article on dip form that was helpful for me. I've always had shoulder issues, but using the dip form described in the article seemed to help me.

Another thing you can do is try and stretch/strengthen your rotator cuff. I've been doing band pull aparts and face pulls every day for several months, and my shoulders have never felt better.


Just make sure you're not bringing your shoulders forward of extending your upper back. Especially at the bottom - validate by filming yourself


thanks for the advice guys.


also... do you think the hollow body posistion would be impeded with the legs raised and crossed as supposed to straight? i.e


If dips - or any other exercise - cause you pain then you should definitely not be doing them.

Dips are a great exercise if you can do them without pain, but a lot of people just can't.

Try some decline barbell/dumbbell work instead


looks like ill have to stop exercise completely then. theres nothing upper body wise that doesnt cause me some degree of discomfort.


Spend a few weeks concentrating on rehabilitative exercise so you can move and exercise pain free.

What are your issues?


just a general dull ache that increases with resistance training. its in the front of the shoulder mainly. what tends to happen is that the pain spreads out into other areas after activity.. right now i feel it in my trap, chest, hand and forearm periodically. it will then diminish after a day of rest. theres no weakness.. popping/crunching etc and no loss of rom. my posture is good... it feels next to impossible to pin point what type of corrective exercise i should be doing based on my symptoms. thanks


ive also noticed that my rear delt is under developed despite not carrying much mass


interesting. Ok, well assuming you have the usual deficits that most people have, I would look up Eric Cressey's Neanderthal No More program and follow it to the letter.

It'll take a couple of months to complete, but should hopefully restore proper alignment and movement quality, allowing you to train properly for years to come.

Have you been to see a medical professional? What country are you in?


ok ill look. ive been to see two osteopaths..... both of which contradicted each other in terms of diagnosis. first guy said i had torn a ligament..... second guy said i had tendonitis but cleared me to train. iam in the uk.... i have tried the docs but theyre no help.


my advice is to find yourself a really good sports therapist. Try and find one who works with rugby players, American football players, stuff like that.

They tend to be way more savvy than healthcare professionals in my experience when it comes to dealing with meatheads like us.


yeah i think this osteopathic therapy is a little dubious to say the least.