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Doing Deadlifts After Shoulder Day?


My workout split looks like this,
Day 1- Chest/bis
Day 2- Legs/abs
Day 3- Shoulders/Traps
Day 4-Back/Tris
Day 5-Rest

Would doing conventional deadlifts on my back day interfere with any other muscle training? My traps seem to get really sore when I do deadlifts and I've always wondered if thats over working them. And yes my form is correct, i keep my chest out and shoulders back when i lift so it's not from leaning over to much and putting more pressure on the shoulders.


I think you're fine. I don't see how it will interfere with anything else the way you have it. Just because you're traps are getting sore after deadlifts doesn't mean you are overworking them. I think it will take a lot more than doing traps once a week while hitting them indirectly on a few other exercises to over work them.


Deadlifts work the traps, so it's no surprise that you get sore there. If you need more trap work, it's OK to do after deadlifts, or on another day if you like. It's really hard to overwork your traps.

As far as back training, I think most will advise you to do the deads early in the training session, so you are not too tired to maintain proper form, and keep the reps low as well for the same reason. You will not "interfere" with other muscle training, although you may have to reduce volume on some lifts on deadlift days. I currently will do deadlifts on every other back day because as they are so taxing, about once every week and a half or so is all I can handle, and it gives me a day to move other back training to primary on my non-deadlift days.


You must be a super hero, because I could never hit "back" (I'm assuming this means lats/rhomboids/traps at least) the day after a shoulder days (that I'm assuming includes rear delt work) AND deadlifts.

I mean, if you can do it, by all means, but I would not schedule it that way. Using your template I'd personally do this:

Chest / Bis
Back / Tris
Legs / Abs
Shoulder / Traps

Although I personally don't really understand the split set-up, but w/e.


I would do shoulders on day 3 and legs on day 4 using the above split to give lower back a day off between legs and back especially when doing deadlifts. Shoulders after back is fine.

EDIT: oh yeah have to throw this in http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/do_this_routine_instead_of_that_dumb_one


Look at videos of the strongest deadlifters in the world and tell me if you see them moving the weight with their "shoulders back".

Trying to deadlift that way will limit your strength and (obviously) put a lot of stress on the traps.

Just something I noticed about your post. DOnt change anything if you dont want/are really strong.


Thanks for the input guys and SSC reminded me of something when he said doing lats/rhomboids/traps all in one day. I forgot to add I do shrugs on my shoulder day then do back the next day and was hoping to throw deadlift's in on the leg day. Would it be better to do traps on my back day then? I just started this new split and so far I like it but I have noticed that my pull weight has gone down slightly and I figured it was because my traps were sore from doing shoulders the day before but I've always been told to do traps on my shoulder day but have heard of people doing it on their back day.


i train my shoulders normally the day before my back day and i don't feel limited by it.


And here I thought deads were mostly hamstrings... maybe im doing it wrong.


Chest out shoulders back is actually not recommended by Dave Tate. Dropping your shoulders forward and slightly rounding your upper back actually lets you set up a few inches higher. Try it.


Just move your shrugs to back day... it's only one assistance exercise, it's not going to throw off your split. I OHP'd yesterday and will DL today, and do shrugs after.

x2 on what Bonez said about form... shrugs the day before DLs messes with my grip strength more than anything else. It's the lower back you keep tight, not your upper.


I have noticed that lots of BBers do deadlifts on their "back" day, to me this never made sense. Deadlifts have always been a Low-body exercise for me. hips and low back and hamstrings, there is quite a bit of indirect trap work/stress involved, but I have never considered the DL as a back exercise in the bb sense, that is putting it in with chins rows, etc.


hips, low back, and hamstring like you said, but it is done by bbers specifically for targeting lower back. That's why it's done on back day. There are exercises that target the hams much better than deadlifts that are done on leg day.