Doing daily TRT Injections During Fasting or Eating Window?

Hi Guys,
Probably a long shot, but I’m wondering if there is anyone here that is fasting and is on TRT? I grew up thinking smaller multiple meals throughout the day was best for health, but now I’m starting to believe more and more on the benefits of fasting. I do intermittent fasting almost every day where I eat all my calories in a 6 hr window. Planning on trying extended fasts once a yr.

I’m new to fasting so I’m still exploring. After researching and realizing there’s no clear answer, I know I need to figure out the best time of the day to schedule fasting, eating, exercise, and sleep on my own. However, I’m wondering if I should do my T injections during fasted or eating window. My eating window is in the evening. I guess the T injection may break the fast. However, I take tadalafil/sildenafil when needed during the fasting window as I heard it may absorb better with less food in the stomach. Wondering if the same would be true for T injections. Or maybe it’s better to take it during my eating window, as some things are better absorbed/tolerated with food.

Absorption won’t be altered with food or not with TRT shots. Or at least significantly.

Tadalafil I try to take on an empty stomach. But it doesn’t matter.

Sildenafil def on empty stomach.

Food and insulin changes will affect SHBG levels therefore affecting TT and FT levels.

roscae, thank you.

Systemlord, your post made me think. I’m new to fasting and still dialing into TRT. Guess it’s not wise to do so many changes at once but I know I want to fast and so far, I know I need TRT due to low T with the ED symptoms. I have low SHBG so I recently started daily T injections. Your post just made me research the connection between fasting/low insulin and SHBG. They seem to be strongly inversely related. That’s a good thing in my case since I have low SHBG. Looking into it more to confirm, but my theory was that it might be ideal to inject when my insulin is low couple hrs into the fasting window.

@PeaceOfPain07 - To echo @systemlord and his point about SHBG - when I was 16:8 IF my SHBG was 31-38 consistently… And I was in a fasted state during the blood test.

My last blood work, I wasn’t fasting and my SHBG was 27… Which makes sense. Less insulin, more SHBG…more insulin, less SHBG.

I inject at night before bed and haven’t noticed any impact on fasting state while I was fasting…and there were no issues with absorption either.

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If you want the numbers to look better, fast before lab testing, but if you don’t normally fast and eat regularly then you should do lab testing when you are eating regularly because this will represent where you are the majority of the time.


I do intermittent fasting and have been on TRT for a while doing both. I usually eat from 2pm-10pm. I just feel a lot better that way. I also keep carbs somewhat low. IF makes me feel great and have lots of energy and I’ve had zero problem building muscle plus it keeps fat in check. May not be for everyone but until you try it you never know.

I usually hit the gym sometime between 8pm & 10pm.

@enackers would know, he has experience with that

For the If?

Injections doesn’t matter when. Especially if doing daily. You are creating tiny spikes in hormones and the dose will eventually stabilize and it won’t matter as long as you are consistently injecting at the same time everyday.

Consistency is key. You want blood serum levels to be the same day after day since the natural production has stopped.

I figured you probably have more experience than the rest of us with fasting. You deal with it every year, which gives you practical experience that most of us don’t have.

Yup that sure is true. You have a good memory :slight_smile:

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