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Doing Curls in the Squat Rack



I know I'm not suppose to do it but I am guilty. Barbell Curls are and have always been a major part of my routine. There is only one unassisted squat rack in my gym and no other extra bars. The straight bars in my gym only go up to 100lbs. I don't think it would be any better to do curls at a flat bench... Someone jump in and let me know where it would be ok for me to do my sinful exercises. I also use this bar for dead lifts as there is no other bar available.


Pick the bar up off the floor......


Don't get me started on this one.


yeah........ but in his case.. when someone comes by to squat he will have no bar. So might as well save the back and curl in the rack. lol





Well I'd switch gyms if that were the case. My gym always has a few extra olympic bars.

I agree about the whole, gym not haveing enough weight on the barbell curl bars, my gym's only go up to 110.

Seeing that I can curl more than some people bench in the joint, I feel entitled to an olympic bar, and I do pick it up off the floor.


Look man ... if no one is using the fuckin squat rack by all means do what you want to do with it. If someone looks like they are waiting, ask if they are waiting and offer them to start on their set and move out of it ... it's not hard to set up for curls ANYWHERE in the gym.

The main thing is to be courteous to your fellow lifters ... you can curl anywhere (more or less) but there's very limited places you can do heavy squats.

I've found that using the decline bench's pegs as a place to put the bar (if no one's on it and I don't want to use the floor) when doing curls/bb rows is a healthy alternative.


I can not begin to explain how annoying it is when people do exercises in the squat rack, when the movement can be easily done without it.


I have curled on a decline bench as well when everything was taken.
What gets me really agrevated is when its my squat day and the rack has some kid in it with the olympic bar and a 5 lb plate on both sides when there is a rack of short barbells up to at least 90.


Yeah it's even worse when the person has never set foot in a gym....and they are accompanied by a "personal trainer."


i workout in a commercial gym where hardly anyone does squats. so the odds of someone desperately needing the squat rack during the short time i use it to get my curls done is pretty slim.


I agree with how much it sucks to have some little shit in the rack doing curls with 60lbs on the bar. However I am a little above the level. My only choice is the rack, bench or not all keep in mind that I am curling 115lbs - 145lbs no cheating. I also do preacher curls with the e-z so I don't want to use the e-z bar for standing barbell curls as well...


I agree, I hate the e-z bar.


I'm at a commercial gym the rack is almost always vacant. Still after reading how much it pisses some people off I feel bad doing them now. By the sound of it a lot of guys on here would be pissed just to see me doing it, regardless of the fact it's back day for them.


So you're saying you have a hard time lifting a loaded bar of 145 off the ground to curl? Honestly, that's a bad argument there chief ... I'd opt for the, well no one's using it before I'd say there's no where else I CAN do them because I curl so much yada yada yada ... it makes you sound kind of pretentious (thank you word of the day) and self important.

I'm not against curling the squat rack, just come up with a better argument than that crap ... I know you're smarter than that


I think what pisses me off even more than people curling in the squat rack is guys who are actually using the squat rack for squats, but doing 1/8th reps. And then they make the same painful faces after a set that the rest of us make from going ATG for 6 sets and feeling like we are going to puke. Fucking posers! lol


I'm not against curling the squat rack, just come up with a better argument than that crap ... I know you're smarter than that[/quote]

I think you may have miss understood me there killer, I have no problem lifting the fucking bar, my dead lift is 455lbs. The point was the curl bars only go up to 100lbs there and I am training at a much heaver weight than the equipment in my gym is set up for. So if I need to curl, the squat bar is the only one open. Sure I could take the bar and set it on the floor, but whats the point. Someone would come alone to do squats and there I am across the gym with their fucking bar, that would piss them off even more.


And they're doing shrugs!!


I waited on a dude to finish his squat rack curls the other day.

Not a big deal, but it was funny because he knew he was busted.


LOL !! I admit i dont have this problem anymore as I workout at home now but it stays with you!