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Doing Chin-ups Wrong?


So basically whenever I put chin ups into my routine, I get a very annoying upper back pain in the shoulder blade when my back is against something(sitting in a chair, laying down, etc.). The pain goes away as soon as I switch to something like pull ups.

Recently I have been doing pull ups only. Yesterday I did 2 short sets of chin ups(along with pull ups), and sure enough after I left the gym the pain came back when typing up my workout.

Am I somehow doing this exercise wrong? Anyone have a similar issue?


Is it pain or soreness?


definitely pain


Stay away from keyboards and computers. They will fuck up you shoulders for sure. Do more chins and pull-ups.



Try in cooperating some scapular wall slides into your warm up routine, it sounds like you may have a faulty movement pattern due to an imbalance. What's your training history like?


starting strength, a pavel's 3-5 routine, and lots of jiu jitsu

I try to balance horizontal pulls with horizontal pushes and vertical pulls with vertical pushes

ill try the wall slides


What's your back work look like, currently?


pull ups and inverted rows

deadlifts and squats if they count


squats? I don't mean to be rude, but...seriously? Squats? for your back? really?


ya the bar goes on your back and your back keeps you upright, right


Try foam rolling, tennis ball, pvc pipe in that area and see if that breaks it up. From your description I really don't understand what type of pain it is and exactly where it is located, that stuff would help.


The pain is like under my shoulder blade towards the center of my back. only on the left shoulder blade.

I did pull ups the other day with a narrow grip, pretty much using all arms to pull, and I started to the get the pain from that. So I guess it is from not using my back during chin ups?


I don't even know what to say.


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But seriously, if you can't get it fixed, stay away from it. I also like the idea of scapular wall slides or some type of warm-up before you do chins.


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I mean, I can understand being a beginner and not knowing everything...but sheesh.

Listen, here is some actual advice. If you feel squats in any of your back muscles, you are doing them wrong. It's not a back exercise. Including lower back. If your lower back is getting a lot of work from squats, your form is off. If your lats or something like that is getting work...yeah I don't know.


Is there any particular reason why your avatar is a crotch shot? I can understand taking pictures of your legs, but I don't think I'm alone here in not wanting to have to see you in tighty whities every time you post.


They're boxer briefs that I pulled up, to show my legs, not tighty whities. So there's no problem. Also if there are that many people here bothered by a small picture of a covered up crotch in which you can't see any detail, then I think you guys have some serious issues to work out.

You could try not going to any forums I've posted in, if you are that disgusted by legs.


this topic is about trying to fix an injury not bitch because I puts squats in a list on exercises that use my back. i even said "if they count" to illustrate that I know it is not direct back work, merely it is something that uses my back.

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Although I am not sure as to why the pain happens when you do chinups I can tell you that there is a 90% chance that the pain is from your levator scapula, most shoulder blade pain is from that. Basicly you have crappy posture and the little muscle that is attached from your neck to the scapula is over strained and most likely overly tight.

I would suggest stretching it and lots of tennis ball, lacross ball is much better, work. Work yout traps, work your thoracic erectors these area will help with the pain. And to not have the pain come back fix your posture. I dont know if its all the time or when you are sitting but most likely somehwhere it breaks down.