Doing Chest and Back Together Good Idea?

[quote]dagill2 wrote:
How about you try one of the programs you asked about in this thread until you understand slightly more about training?


You decided in the other thread to follow 531 on the bodybuilding template, now you’re already asking about doing something different.

PICK SOMETHING AND DO IT. that is the best advice I can give. You are looking for the right information, which is great. Now pick one, and stick with it for several months to see what happens before doing any tweaks.

If you want to do 531, then get the ebook and read it start to finish. Stop reading anything else training related for the time being. Then read it again. Then start figuring your numbers and planning your week USING THAT TEMPLATE. Stop reading anything else for right now, because you seem to be going into information overload.

Wendler is one of the top strength coaches (and a pretty accomplished athlete in his own right), you won’t go wrong following his methods. I followed 531 for a couple years before switching my programs around, and I still go back to it periodically. It’s that good.

There’s nothing wrong with researching, but if you start hopping program to program every few weeks, you won’t make any progress. Like I said, pick something, plan it, implement it, and stick with it for several months to see what it does for you. Some (very) minor tweaks can be made during that time, but stick with the main outline of the program. After you’ve done it for a while, then you can either make bigger changes or look for another program to follow.