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Doing Cardio & Gaining Weight

I’m doing a full-body program to gain muscle mass and I’m wondering whether I should be doing cardio on my off days. I’m about 170 lbs, work out three days a week, eat well, etc.

Should I be doing cardio on my days off? Or will this just slow down progress towards getting big?

My advice- No cardio except for high repitition silverware action.

In the past, John Berardi has written about the benefits of cardio for those looking to gain weight. I agree with him (the same is true for strength and power athletes); it’s just important to qualify your recommendations. Check this out:


Also, make sure that you’re eating enough.

I do a short cardio on the 2 days of the week I do my leg workouts. Cardio seems to give my body extra vitality and stave off mental lethargy regarding lengthy workout schedules. Save your rest days just for rest and letting your body build up.